Word count anxiety disorder

I read through Glimpse yesterday and managed to add 2 pages, pump up a few paragraphs here and there.  It’s at 51,485 words, so well short of the 55K I was shooting for.  And, really, I don’t know why I was shooting for that number, I just picked it out of the ether. 

I think I have word count anxiety disorder. 

Many of the YA books that I read come in at around 68K, and I think that’s what is making me feel like I need to have MORE.  Then again, I skim a lot while reading these days because I can kind of feel the author trying to get their word count in.

Prior to editing Glimpse for the people at Wild Horse Press, it was 56,000 words long.  When I made the changes they requested I make before I resubmitted, I initially cut 40 pages from the manuscript.  It just about killed me.  That’s a big chunk to get rid of, but I did it and eventually added pieces back in until the manuscript was only 20 pages shorter.

Don’t get me wrong, the editing was necessary, I think Glimpse is a lot tighter now and flows better.  Unfortunately, the people at Wild Horse didn’t.  So, here’s my dilemma.  Do I keep it as is?  Or do I add in more of the old stuff to get that word count up?  I have one chapter in particular in mind.  The editors thought it slowed the beginning down, but I think it’s a good introduction to  Avery’s character.  It’s all subjective, isn’t it?  I hate that.

3 thoughts on “Word count anxiety disorder

  1. Which chapter were you thinking of adding back in? The Avery’s mom drunk at the bar chapter? I admit, I was a little bummed that drunken Becky karaoke was removed. 🙂

  2. Hey! I found it! Hi Stacey! I am happy to see you blogging. This is what I tried to teach my creative writing students about–“meta-fiction” writing about writing. I think it’s grand. I like blogs, but I am not great at leaving comments, so do not mistake me for spam.

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