Trampled by a herd of magical unicorns

Magical unicorns (that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?) have nothing to do with this post.  Sarah suggested that if I wasn’t going to write about vamps and werewolves in Glimpse that perhaps the addition of a magical unicorn was in order.  I could name it Horny and then I’d pique the interest of the sexer crowd too.

What this post is about is querying.  I sent out five this morning to agents from my latest list, it would’ve been more, but I had to cross a few off.  Even if you get the agents information off of a reputable site like Agent Query, always recheck it before you send them a query.  If they have one, it’s a good idea to peruse their personal website-sometimes they have slightly different submission guidelines than the other agents at their agency do or they’ve updated what they’re looking for.  This morning I discovered that one of the agents I’d put on my list hasn’t written a new post since July of 2008.  I did some searching and found no evidence that she has been so awesomely busy that she couldn’t add her recent sales or new clients to her site, nor was she no longer an agent or deceased.  You have to consider how an agent would treat you if they take you on and I’m not sure someone who can’t update their blog for almost 2 years and I would get along.

I’m holding off on sending Glimpse to the two  e-publishers I’ve written all the formatting instructions down for  until I hear back from this last batch of agents.  If I don’t hear from them within a month, I consider that a “no.”  Every once in a while I’ll get a response back several months later-the longest I’ve encountered is four, but I’ve heard of other writers even getting requests for full manuscripts up to nine months after they’d queried.  Again, is that someone you really want representing you?

I’ve got one more Glimpse related piece of business to do today.  I need to check up on Flux.  They are a print publisher that takes unagented manuscripts and I sent them Glimpse at the end of August.  Last time I looked they said the wait period for a reply was running about 6 months, so I think I’m warranted a little investigative e-mailing.  Plus, I kinda hope they lost it because the version I sent was so 8 edits ago.

After that, I’m on to more Glimmer.  I’ve finally gotten over the speed bump that was causing me to stare into space and go, “uhhhh” for minutes on end trying to figure out how to bridge where I was at to where I needed to be.   And standing on that bridge was Horny, the magical unicorn.

4 thoughts on “Trampled by a herd of magical unicorns

  1. Whenever I say “Glimmer” in my head, I do it in a jazz-handsy voice. And sometimes I actually do the jazz hands.

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