It’s not a pretty word, it’s not even a real word, but when writerrhea happens to you, it’s a good thing.  I have consistently been able to write 2-4 new, publishable pages every day this week despite much household craziness and I couldn’t be happier. Writing daily is good for me in both the “practice makes perfect” and the “Calgon take me away” senses.  I don’t, however, think that the adage that you must write everyday or you’re not a real writer is true.  I have no idea who said that, but it was most likely  a dude who’ll  never experience the joy of pregnancy brain.  I was lucky to be able to remember my address everyday, forget writing paragraphs.

I’m hoping to get 10 more pages written for *Glimmer* in the next 2 days, so I can finish out the chapter I’ve been working on this week.  I won’t be writing this weekend because I’m holding auditions for the children’s show I’m directing this summer.  But, no regrets, because I heart the theatre too. 

Got a couple of automatic responses yesterday telling me that my query was received-I like getting those and find them helpful, although I do get a little shock to the heart thinking it’s an actual response sometimes.  I also requeried Flux after finding out that they will get back to you within 4 months if they’re interested.  I doubt anyone remembers the last version I sent and the query is completely different, so here’s hoping no one recognizes the still very similar synopsis.  I figured what’s the worst thing that could happen, they reject me again and I don’t know about it for another 6 months?

Additionally, snarkily, and phantasmagorically, from now on *Glimmer* will be denoted as such on this blog.  The * indicate jazz hands, duh.

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