I’m seriously crazy for series, trilogies, quadrilogies, what have you.  I’ll read a stand-alone every once in a while, but when I get to the end I’m usually a little pissed that there’s not another book I have to wait 3 months to 2 years for.  Not that I love the waiting, but if I get emotionally invested in characters I want to know that they’re still out there doing something.  Even when I catch on to a series after all the books have been written, the sheer pleasure of tearing through them knowing that there will be a next one until there sadly isn’t, is addictive to me.

When I started the Outlander series over Christmas, my reading habit got so bad that I could have been accused of neglecting my children. Sure, they were fed and clothed and kissed goodnight, but there was no way mommy was gonna play trains when she had to know what was next for Jamie and Claire-not to mention Roger who I totally have a crush on.  When I read the Twilight series in a week, I became adept at feeding my daughter a bottle and reading at the same time.  I’ve been a slightly better parent during House of Night, Vampire Academy, and Strange Angels. Harry Potter ended when my first child was still a baby, so I just stayed up all night and alternated readings and feedings. 

I’m thinking about series because my friend Rebecca, who I’ve known since I was 6 if you can believe it, recommended The Hunger Games to me.  She had just finished reading the first two and thought I would like them, although she suggested that I might want to wait until August when the third book comes out and then devour them all in one huge gulp.  I considered doing that for about 10 minutes before I downloaded the first book.  That was a day ago and I’ll probably have moved on to the next book by tomorrow.  So good.  I ‘m sure I’ll be kicking myself until August, but I do believe the next Vampire Academy comes out in May, and Strange Angels in July.  Hopefully, P.C and Kristin Cast can help a mutha out and release the next House of Night in June.

As far as the series that I’m writing goes, I wrote dialogue for *Glimmer* like a mad woman yesterday, so I’ll go back through and fill in the background today.  Some interesting transactions with chili fries, to be exact.   MMM, chili fries.  Must go.


6 thoughts on “Series-ly

  1. Oh, the added torture! Just finished Hunger Games and it was so super good that I of course went to download Catching Fire, the second book in the series, onto my kindle and it’s not available yet! Must investigate and if it’s not gonna be available in the very near future, I might have to pop over to Powell’s and get it used!

  2. Ok, have you read the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. If you haven’t, I dare you to read the first 2 and not laugh.

    It won’t happen. Guaranteed.

    1. I haven’t read them yet, but they are on my list! Sarah got me $$ on my Kindle for my birthday, so I’ll be going on a book binge here pretty soon. I also want to read the Fablehaven books! I still haven’t got Catching Fire from the library. I misunderstood what Rob told me-there are not 52 copies, there were 52 people ahead of me in line! I think I need to sign up for Mocking Jay now!

  3. My husband is #42 for Mocking Jay when it comes in. I’m #45. The library is ordering 44 copies. That stinks. My hubby will be reading it making all the oooing and ahhhing comments while I mope around.

    The Stephanie Plum novels are my one vice in literature. Normally I read things a bit cleaner, but I keep reading these b/c they crack me up. Grandma Mazur in book 2 had me in laughing tears. They’re super fast reads, low on the intellectual level when compared to Austen, but very funny.

    I should send you my 3 plums in one book. With book rates it’d probably be cheaper than Kindle. Do you have my email? If so, email me your address and I’ll send it to you.

    Then you can save your $$ for something else and get some fun mail.

  4. I have to agree with Rebecca. The Evanovich novels are fluff, but oh-so hilarious! I’m the crazy lady reading on the bus and laughing out loud for five minutes until I realize people are looking at me all creeepy-chick like. My mom got me hooked. I think I’m actually ahead of her now!

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