I”m being stupid.  All that stuff I wrote about crossroads and The Secret and intentions?  What a lame-ass mutha I was being.  Get published by any means necessary?  Yes please.

My brain kicked its own self in the ass this morning reminding me why I wanted to submit to e-pubs in the first place.  Because, as Whitney and my elementary school music teacher Mrs. Ming said-the children are our future.  And the future reads books on their phones.  I had my doubts; figured that many e-pubs are shutting down their YA sections because kids don’t ask for e-readers for their birthdays, but I completely forgot about their frickin’ phones. (This is most likely because I own a Go phone “for emergencies” that has the battery held on by electrical tape.  I heart landlines.) They’re shutting them down because they have too many submissions or they want to go full on sexer.

The argument could be made that e-pubs will publish any old crap, but my book got rejected and my book is good.  Seriously, it is, just ask my mom.

Tomorrow I’m going to shut the hell up and format and send Glimpse to Eternal Press and Sapphire Blue and see if they agree with my mommy.

Why didn’t any of you tell me I was being so stupid? Der.


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