What do you do with the words in your head?

I’m kind of a spaz.  I either have a million things going on at once, or I’m slacking off.  Right now would be a million things time.  I enjoy it, I thrive on it, but man, when you get a fully formed great idea for a new book at 3 in the morning…is now the time for it?  What am I to do with all the words in my head?

Over the weekend I held auditions for a play that I’m directing this summer-in English and Spanish.  Hardly anyone showed up for the auditions and of those that did, 3 of them were bilingual.  Now I’m scramblin’.  Calling and e-mailing and begging and pleading for people to give up two months of their summer to do free theater.  On top of that, my house is a straight disaster.  The weather has been nicer, so the kids are playing outside more, which is great for them and very bad for the floor dirt and sunlight exposing dust factor up in the hizzy.  I’ve got a friend coming over for dinner tonight, there are toys everywhere, I promised myself I would format Glimpse and send it off to 2 e-pubs starting today, I have the never-ending transcription course to work on, plus *Glimmer*, plus I haven’t worked on my non-YA book The Perv for a while, and now, NOW I have an awesome, kick ass, feel-like-I-want-to-abandon-it-all-and-write-it-on-out idea spazzing around in my brain.

I suppose the only thing to do is eat my Cheerios, get the book ideas down onto computer screen, clean the house and see what the afternoon brings.  Here’s to wallowing in the chaos.


2 thoughts on “What do you do with the words in your head?

  1. I’m intrigued. More details about this new thing, please! I think, you write about what inspires you, even if it means you drop everything else for a while. The Perv will always be there for you when you’re done. 🙂

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