I have the computer skillz of an 99-year-old.

I’ve been sitting on my butt all day attempting to format Glimpse so that I can self-publish it on Amazon.  Let me tell you, for something supposedly so easy, I wasted a good 6 hours on it and still didn’t get it to turn out like I wanted it.  It doesn’t look horrible-some of the versions were awful, all scrunched up on one side of the page or all the chapters ran together-but there are still things wrong with it.  Random patches where the indents are further over than they should be. Who knows what I did.  I felt like I did the same thing over and over again with vastly different results each time.  The good thing is that you can resubmit an upgraded version once you’ve figured out what the hell you’re doing.  At least it’s out there now, or will be in a couple of days after “they” look it over.  I wouldn’t be surprised if “they” was Bezos himself, I don’t think that man ever sleeps.

So, with all the formatting I got jack all done on anything else today. I did manage a few confusing e-mail exchanges  with Spanish only speaking peoples.  Still looking for several bilingual actors for King Midas.  I swear to God half the population of Beaverton is Hispanic, does no one want to be in a play?  Where my bilingual drama geeks at?

Oh, you noticed I self-published Glimpse and didn’t really go on and on about it?  Here’s why: I’m not doing anything else with it at the moment.  It can be easily taken down if someone actually wants to do something with it.  Now all my friends with Kindles can read it in a format that’s much more pleasant than sitting in front of a computer or squinting at it on their phones.  (The phones may be good for the teens and tweens, but we’re 35+, let’s not kid ourselves.) I got to make a Facebook page for it and I really really really have been wanting to do that.  On the off-chance that some complete stranger reads it, I might finally get some unbiased feedback. Or hate mail, which would be kinda kick ass too.  I’m charging $3.99 for it, so it won’t break anyone’s bank.  If it does okay and no immediate offers from the big 6 publishing houses come in, kidding!, then I’ll spring for printing and try to persuade/bribe/slip a mickey to the buyers at my local Powell’s to sell it.

I’m putting off sending it to any e-pubs because if I have to format it again I’m going to stab myself in the eyes.  Tomorrow there will be much writing on *Glimmer* and the new book I started which has no title as of yet.  The file name is Sacrifice.  OOOOH.  AHHHH.


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