What a day!

Man, oh man am I gonna do some mindless tv watching tonight!  I’ve been looking at words on my computer screen all day long and my eyes are starting to cross.  It’s been a very productive day, though.

This morning I had a comment on this blog about yesterday’s post which led me to purchase this e-book: http://ebooksuccess4free.webs.com So glad that I did!  Absolutely helpful in guiding me to Smashwords and better, cleaner, formatting for Glimpse.  I also may, and I mean may, be able to add a badge to this bad boy.  My previous attempts almost made me gouge my own eyes out.

Now that Glimpse is on Smashwords and the newer, better version on Amazon, it’s time to concentrate on marketing.  What to do here?  I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks and I’ve gone from a writer who was seriously bummed about sending her 46th query letter out to having copies of Glimpse being purchased.  Craaaaazy.  I’ve definitely got to revamp this blog, but I really like writing to myself here, so I think a separate more professional blog is in order.  A blog that perhaps doesn’t talk about magical unicorns and all the things I need to get off my ass and do!  Also, maybe one with a shorter URL. 🙂

Well, I’ve got an hour, might as well get crack-a-lackin.’

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