Oh, yeah (said in the voice of the Kool-Aid man)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I managed to do some pretty computery things to this here blog.  Yes, they’re things a 6-year-old could accomplish, but I think we all know I’m a computer 4-year-old, so, small triumphs.

Having spent the last few days doing nothing but formatting and promoting Glimpse, I’m happy to have a day where I don’t think about that book and can concentrate on *Glimmer* and “awesome-new-idea-possibly-called-The Sacrifice.”  Tonight will be devoted to writing.  After we attend the much-lauded “Shrimp Fest” at Red Lobster with the extended family, the kids will spend the night at my parents house.  When the kids are away the hubs and I usually both hole up in our offices and enjoy working on our various projects without the interruptions of  having to stop an argument over Hot Wheels, change a diaper, or get someone some apple juice. 

Before all of that goes down, however, I’m going to do the box office/concessions for The Fantasticks and also audition someone for King Midas at the library this afternoon.  Both great things that will get me out of this house and away from my computer for a bit.

That being said, while the kids watch The Muppet Movie, I’m going to go check Glimpse’s stats at Amazon and Smashwords.  I believe I have sold 6 copies all together and had 8 people download the free 50%.  I wish there was a way you could know who was buying your book, I just hope their not all being purchased by my mom!

One thought on “Oh, yeah (said in the voice of the Kool-Aid man)

  1. I’m very proud of you for tweeting. And for adding Twitter to your blog! See, you can learn to become a computer geek after all. 🙂

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