The smartness of my brain

I’ve been working on *Glimmer* a bunch today and am really happy with where it’s going.  Now that all the plot points are thought out, I just have to write!  Finally figuring it out has also led to a better idea of where Glow (Zellie Wells Book 3) is going to go.   Let me just say, for the 2 people who read this blog, it’s going to be kinda epic!!!  Z and the gang vs. The Society.  Aw yeah.  Perhaps G’luck, bitches would be a better title.

  Instead of doing much writing last night I used the smartness of my brain and formatted *Glimmer* while it was still at 80 pages.  Much easier than crazy Glimpse at 256 with a tab every 2 lines.  I have to go back and italicize, but it’s not like I’m not going to read through it 700 more times in the next few months, so there’s plenty of time for that.

That’s about it writing wise.  I checked my stats on Amazon this morning and it FINALLY reported that the 5 people I thought had purchased the book had purchased the book.  It said 3 for days and I was getting really annoyed, knowing that 5 people had bought it.  Smashwords still says 9 people downloaded Glimpse, 2 purchased.  One was my writer friend Ashlynn and the other was my mom.  (Who actually really likes the book and we both just pretend like there’s no making out in it what so ever when we talk about it.)

Back to more work on *Glimmer*, I’m at a turning point for Zel and Ben.  Then maybe some more marketing action later this evening.


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