As I pre-ordered the new House of Night book Burned to be directly delivered to my Kindle today, I’m going to be reading that and not writing a whole lot.

I did want to share some links to writing blogs I like to read and a couple of links to weird people that are related to me.

I read this interview yesterday and discovered author Marie Lamba.  After I read the interview I headed over to her blog and found that she is a great resource for all sorts of writing and publishing information. 

I read one of Jason Matthews blogs-although he has several.  He has been very supportive  of my self-publishing endeavors.

Lilith Saintcrow cracks me up and fills my head with knowledge.

These bitches really are super smart and absolutely hilarious.

I belong to this organization and it is a must for YA writers.  Great for editing!

My sister is a talented printmaker-she designed the Glimpse cover.  Check out her most recent work:

And this just cracked me up.  I don’t know if my BIL wrote this Wiki entry himself or what, but he is not as batshit craaazy as it makes him sound.

For my daily dose of snark:

Enjoy the weirdness.

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