Remind me never to blatantly declare that I’m going to slack off for a day and read, because it pretty much guarantees that I will end up doing something else entirely.  I didn’t get to start Burned until 9 last night, which was okay because LOST was a repeat and I can watch GLEE on Hulu, but I only got a few chapters in.  Not to mention I was distracted while I was reading trying to figure out how they’d formatted it to make the chapter headings all look so good.  Is self-publishing going to ruin reading for me?  Acting certainly ruined plays for me, so it’s not unlikely.

What I did end up doing is joining Scribd and putting the first 6 chapters of Glimpse on there.  As of this morning 24 people are reading it, but no one’s bought it or subscribed to me yet.  Which, hey, it’s been a day! 🙂  I also am working on a website from which I can sell Glimpse, some of the hubs poetry books, and other things we write.  That’s gonna take me a while, but I’m not in any big hurry, nor are there customers clamoring at my door.  However, I did write a FB ad yesterday that is supposedly going to be shown to almost 4 million people, let’s hope that brings in a few more readers!  The ad will run from May 1-14 in honor of Mother’s Day and uh, my 35th birthday, I guess.  I don’t know, I like May, it’s coming up…

I would tell you what I’m going to do for the rest of the day, but I don’t want to jinx myself. I hope you get to do what you want!

6 thoughts on “Jinx

  1. I will steal Burned from you soon. I’m almost done with Dark Tower and then it will be time to raid your Kindle!!

  2. Hey Stacey,
    Don’t expect much with Scribd as most people are there for the freebies. You can make sales but more likely you’ll lead people to your site or to purchase it elsewhere. I’ve only sold one book there but I believe it’s helped generate traffic to my sites. Whenever someone subscribes to you, subscribe to them, because it gets your mug on more pages and you don’t get annoying notices whenever they do something.
    Let me know how the site-building goes. I can’t wait to see it and let me know if you have questions. Hang in there and give it time.
    Best wishes,

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Jason. Yeah, I finally made some new catagories today after figuring out that while my tags and catagories were funny to me, they weren’t very “popular” with other bloggers. LOL

    Writers and writing are going up on the next one!

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