The post in which I say recapping 20 times.

I finished Burned last night, so of course I’m feeling my love/hate for series today.  I thought it was much better than the last installment, in which, I swear, nothing happened until the last 3 pages.  The pace of Burned was much more even AND there was way less recapping.  Seriously, enough people must have bitched about the extended recapping for P.C. Cast to put a near end to it.  Really, I can see why you would recap fairly extensively in the second book of a series, but after that-who is going to start at the third book?  What little recapping there was in Burned was good because I needed just a slight refresher of what happened in the last book-a few sentences to make it all come back to me.

I did a ton of writing on *Glimmer* the other day and I think reading a book like Burned while you’re writing a book in the same genre is helpful.  I’ve only included essential recapping, although enough so that I think it could be a stand-alone.  Again, I don’t know why if someone was going to go to the trouble to read a series book they wouldn’t start at the beginning…but who am I to judge other peoples weirdness.  Another thing I think I’m doing in *Glimmer* is slowing down my pace a bit.  At least making it more even.  I know that Glimpse starts off slow for some people and then speeds up and from others I’ve heard that the beginning is the right speed for them and things happen too quickly at the end.  YA is a tricky genre.  Realistically, it shouldn’t be longer than about 65K, (Yes, Harry Potter and Twilight are exceptions, but I think you all know that I feel like  the Twilight books could’ve been 300 pages shorter and still been great) it should open with action, the characters should be teens, there should be very little adult interaction, it shouldn’t talk down to its audience.  These are the rules, but they’re not easy to follow.  I mean, P.C. Cast, who writes a damn lot of books, doesn’t even always get everything right.  It doesn’t mean I won’t inhale her books the second they come out.

In a completely random move, for me that is, I plotted out the rest of *Glimmer* this morning.  Then I went to breakfast at Hales with my friend Kim and joked that I was sure to rebel against the fact that I’d plotted and go the opposite direction.  We’ll see what happens, I might be able to resist the urge to go against my best interests for once.

On the self-publishing front I’ve sold 9 copies of Glimpse all together and have increased my number of readers to 34 on Scribd.  I “book bombed” 20 people the other morning with invites to read the first 50 pages on Smashwords for free, so we’ll see how that turns out.  Also, my FB ad starts tomorrow.  If you see it,  for the love of God click on it!

I’ve got an hour before I go birthday shopping with my mom and sister, so I’m going to fix some inconsistencies in *Glimmer* that came to me as I was falling asleep last night.  Keeping up with the timelines of 4 characters visions is not so easy!  And, I think I’m going to pre-order the next VA book-it comes out in 2 weeks!  Yes, folks, she’s not just a writer, she’s a super huge dorky fan.

2 thoughts on “The post in which I say recapping 20 times.

  1. I didn’t know there were rules for YA. I like the Fable Haven series and one of the reasons I like it is because there is adult interaction with the kids. I get that teens don’t want parents, etc in their life, but I thought it was great because kids need parents, or other good adults in their life. Well, I think so anyway. BTW, did I mention Brandon Mull is coming to St. Louis?! Well, that’s only a big deal if you like his books.

    I think another rule for YA should be humor. One of the things I liked about Glimpse is that there were several times I busted up. Seriously, if you can’t ever laugh once in a teen book, I think it’s *YAWN*.

    Perhaps though too, I think you as a person are very funny and as I read Glimpse it was like reading a very long FB post. I hear your voice through the story and it’s great.

    Oh, and I agree. Twilight, and dare I say, even HP in some books (BOOK 5!) were too long. Actually, I’m not a huge fan of Twilight. Yes I read them. But not addictively. I thought Bella was a brat a lot. She annoyed me. I found book 2 lame. In fact, I watched the second movie the other day for the first time and laughed several times at non funny parts. I’d forgotten how much book 2 bored me.

    Seriously, I know teens probably crave that love-sick stuff but I wanted to smack Bella and say, “Get over it already.” Which is another thing I liked about your book. (In all my notes I compare your book to Twilight a lot). I love the scene when Zellie throws rocks at Avery and didn’t put up with his crap. Sure it hurt but she showed strength of character by her reactions. Unlike Bella who crumpled like a rag doll and wanted to jump off cliffs b/c life wasn’t worth living because she got dumped. Personally when Claire (my Claire, not yours 😉 ) gets older and reads teen stuff, I want her to see strong girls. I hope she throws rocks at the boy who crushed her instead of jumping off them.

    Not to mention that the last Twilight book was a disappointment. Maybe I’m weird, but I wanted a show down with all the cool vampire powers. Instead they had a truce. In the real world I don’t like us to go to war, but for some reason I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?” Seriously, no super power vampire showdown? Where’s the action? So I’m hoping for some show downs in your series!

    Ok, I don’t know why I wrote all this, I just started typing and figured it was much better to keep going than go play Clean-up playroom smackdown ref!


  2. Rebecca,

    In my plotting notes that I did this morning I literally wrote only SHOWDOWN for chapter 12-ish, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Yes, I agree, Bella is not the best role model ever.

    Thanks for your comments about adult interaction in YA, because to me it always seems weird that adults aren’t around more. My parents were constantly up in my grill when I was a teenager, but say, Mary Barabtarlo’s parents were never around. There’s both in real life, not just this land where parents only exist to keep kids from doing whatever they want. Glimpse is all done and changed now and there is definitely less parental interaction, but there’s still more than the “rules” would like. I’m doing the same things with Glimmer-paring down the number of points of view, but through the glimpses there can be more parental interaction. (You haven’t read that version, I don’t think-basically I turned the adult chapters into these visions Zellie has ;))

    I’m glad you like the throwing rocks scene-that’s exactly what my reaction would’ve been. Boy, you should have seen me when I was pregnant with Gus, Rob got the tv remote thrown at him a lot! Ha!

    Always a pleasure…

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