New website and Glimpse in print…almost.

I’ve been working on the Glimpse website the past couple of days as well as trying to do the POD thing with Createspace.  I’ll tell you what, it’s not as easy to design a paperback as you might think.  ‘Course, I’ve got less than monkey computer skillz, so that could be why I’ve had difficulty.  I’m learning though!  See that pretty green Glimpse link up there?  I just now figured out how to do that. 🙂  Now if I could only discover how to make that permanent on the sidebar, we might be on to something.

I’m still waiting on Amazon to take my money and upgrade me to the Pro-plan so that I can sell Glimpse as a Print On Demand book.  I decided to bite the bullet and print it because a few people have asked me to and Glimpse is definitely the kind of book you read in the summer at the beach or while the kids are taking swimming lessons.

Not working on *Glimmer* the past couple of days has actually been good for it.  I’ve discovered a few plot holes that need to be taken care of and fleshed out my plot points a bit more.  Yes, I’m still using the plotting.  It’s taking my brain some getting used to, I keep having to stop and check if I’m successfully moving toward the next point I’d decided I was going to.  I’m at about 78%.  That’s 78% non-rebellion.  Good for me!

What has been suffering in my life because I’ve been so busy with websites and POD, is my medical transcription course.  I have 100 reports left to do before the test in July and I just can’t make myself get excited to do them.  I actually like transcribing reports, but I’m at about 3,000 reports transcribed for free.  Now that’s just stupid.  Practice makes poor in this case.  Being able to stay home with my kids, do transcription part-time, and write part-time?  Dream job(s)!  It’ll happen.  It pretty much has to.

Operation Lawnmower didn’t do a damn bit of good with the neighbors.  In fact, her dogs ran into my house when hubs and the littlest kid went out to get the mail yesterday.  Yes, they ran into my house.  Hubs was mega-pissed and there was a very terse-in-front-of-the-children altercation between him and Nike neighbor.  When he’d cooled off, he went over to her house to speak with her as she’d requested and she didn’t answer the door.  He heard her in the garage locking the door.  ‘Cause he was totally going to break in and go insane on her.  WTF?  So, he wrote her a letter and hopefully she’ll write him one back so that we can laugh about what it says on here.

Enjoy LOST and GLEE tonight, people.

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