I think I’ve been listening to my MIL talk about AA too much.

Last week was a busy, stressful, celebratory, crazy week and I’m ready to get back on some sort of schedule.  I’m like a 2-year-old that way.  Now that Mother’s Day and my birthday are over, I can get back to my regimen of transcription in the morning, writing in the afternoon, and play practice at night.  I expect this system to work 77% of the time.  I haven’t worked on *Glimmer* in five days and I’m feeling it; too many ideas bouncing around in my head that needed to be out days ago.  I have done quite a bit of necessary upgrades to Glimpse-changing the cover on most of the versions, sending it to reviewers, submitting myself to “Author Spotlight” features on a couple of websites.  The new FB ad is doing great…at least I think that’s what the graphs and charts are telling me.  It received 3 times as many clicks as the old ad did.  I’m not sure if those clicks were by actual people who were interested in reading Glimpse, or what.  The traffic on my website doesn’t correlate.

I’m starting to get just the tiniest bit frustrated by the lack of sales, but am hoping that the release of Glimpse in paperback will spur more people to purchase it.  I’m also considering changing the price to $.99.  Many books are offered for that price and it seems hard to compete with similar offerings in genre and page count.  I’m still mulling it over, though.  $3.99 is not a lot to pay for a book and when the print comes out…I had to offer it for $7.99 so I didn’t have to pay every time someone bought it.  I think the discrepancy in price is already pretty large and I’m not sure I want to make it larger.  Also, through Smashwords, Glimpse is about to be available at the Apple Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Sony.  It takes several weeks to two months for titles to update at these venues every time you make a change to them, whether it be content, cover design, or price.  That’s a lot of time for it to be taken down, just to change the price because I’m almost getting desperate.

Most likely, what I need to do is be patient.  Glimpse hasn’t even been for sale  a month yet!  When it’s what you think about most of the day, it can seem a lot longer, that’s for sure!  I do have a coupon for Glimpse on Smashwords right now through June 13th-the code is JS24D, so perhaps that will make for a new reader or two.  Also, getting a couple of half decent reviews under my belt from people who aren’t my friends or relatives will impact sales for the better.  Yes, I just have to be patient.  Which, is like, the hardest thing for me to do ever!!

(Insert smooth transition of some sort here.) I’m pushing back the release date on *Glimmer* until the end of the year instead of the end of the summer.  I was being far too ambitious.  It will be finished by the end of the summer, but I need to take my time editing .  I’m not just trying to turn out crap as fast as I can, I’m actually trying to produce professional looking books that people can enjoy reading without the distraction of a typo every ten lines.  I think it’s great if you can work fast and clean, but like in cooking, I like to clean as I go and check the oven constantly. 🙂  It’s an annoying lesson to have to learn over and over again, but finding how to take things one day at a time really can be useful.

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