I exude coolness.

The second Glimpse proof came in the mail today and it looks awesome!  Nice margins and squinty photo and all.  The second I got it into my hands, me and my book had a photo shoot together.  Enjoy these pics of me leading the dork parade because I’m the mayor of dorktown for sure today!

These are 3 out of 24 by the way.  Capturing my best side and Glimpses simultaneously was rather difficult.  Glimpse is such a diva.

Now that Glimpse is available in print, I have a ton more places open to me to send it to for reviews.  Like, places where books are reviewed by actual teenagers who don’t have e-readers.  Also, I just discovered the Forever Young Adult ladies and they are a hoot and a half-so I’m definitely sending it to them.  (Their discussion on Peeta Vs. Gale made me pee my Hanes her way cotton briefs.) 

My biggest difficulty with having two different formats of the book seems to be that Amazon has made two separate pages for each format and I can’t figure out how to get them on the same page.  Y’know when you go to buy a book and it lists all the formats that it comes in?  Can’t make that happen for some reason.  That’s my job for tomorrow.

With all of my Glimpse spazzing, I didn’t get a chance to work on Glimmer today, but I did write quite a bit on it yesterday.  I’m developing the villain and his boyfriend currently and they are delicious to write!  I also think I’ve invented a new way for people to do it, so that’s fun.  Okay, not people, fictional characters that have special powers and gay ghost boyfriends, but still, everyone needs affection. 🙂  (I would at this time like to mention that the word ‘nubs’ is used nowhere within the pages of Glimpse or Glimmer to describe anything.  Sarah, you can rest easy.)

There were like 18 other things I was gonna tell you, faceless bitches, but I can’t remember them because I’m too spazmatic today.  Until we meet again!

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