A serious discussion of hotties

I’ve been busy sending Glimpse all over the place for review.  I’ve sent out queries to 15 websites/blogs and so far 9 of them are going to read/review Glimpse!  I did have a small moment of terror yesterday when I realized that by reading and reviewing Glimpse there would be actual reviewing involved.

My terror quickly turned to extreme anger when I decided that I needed some swag for a giveaway and attempted to make bookmarks.  Does everything need to be so annoying and frustrating?  Must I order 5000 of something that I’m 90% certain is going to be lame?  Let me explain:  One of the bloggers I sent a review copy to, wanted to know if I had a book trailer and if I wanted to do a giveaway.  I said no to the book trailer-I have tried to make one and the end result was so mortifying it will never see the light of day.  But bookmarks, stickers, magnets, buttons?  How hard could that be?  Maybe not that hard if you are a graphic designer or a middle school student, but if you have my awesome skillz, you have the capacity to create many lame and expensive items that no one would want.  Times like these a girl wished she had an agent and a publisher.  I ended up with bookmarks and made some buttons, but haven’t bought them yet because I just keep feeling like there has got to be a better deal somewhere!  What I really wanted was pens, but they’re like the most expensive thing out there!  Your choices are 3 for $4 per pen or 1000 for $.27 per pen.  Well, thanks, but both of those choices suck.

After doing that all day while watching the kids, not getting any writing done or transcription and then having a play practice where only some of the actors chose to show up (again. always and forever.) I decided I needed to enjoy a large deli meat sandwich on white bread and do something fun.  On many of the YA blogs I’ve been perusing they “cast” the books as if they were movies or tv shows.  This is something that I love to do and decided to give Glimpse the casting treatment. I could not have gotten through the Outlander books if not for casting Jamie as Kevin McKidd.  I managed to cast all of the roles except for Avery, because I’m Becky (because I’m really Becky minus the crazy) and that left me with the dilemma of casting someone I think is hot as my son.  Sarah aided me in the Avery decision via a long ol’ FB chat while we were also playing Scrabble.  Multitaskers, we.  There was even looking up of boys on Teen beat or some such website-but all of the boys were determined to be too teenagery and it was decided that they needed to be at least 22 for us to not feel gross about them being hot. (Taylor Lautner is excluded from this rule due to super abs and his pretty mouth.)  Here’s what we came up with:

Zellie-Emma Stone

She always plays Zellie like characters and would look awesome in a floral print skirt.

Avery- Cory Monteith

Okay, I 1. have a massive crush on Cory as Finn on Glee 2. Sarah’s son is named Finn which makes me feel funny 3. Me playing his mom is just wrong, plus, I think I’m only like 9 years older than him.  Still, c’mon, he’s soooo Avery.

Claire-Selena Gomez

I enjoy that the picture I liked most of her is one of her talking on the phone.

Grace-Laura Leighton

Although she will always be Sydney from Melrose to me, she can be Grace from Glimpse to you.

Pastor Paul-Joel Gretsch

He’s already playing a priest on V, but I heart him from the 4400 days.

Melody-Elle Fanning

I think she just screams “leader of the rainbow and unicorn squad.”

Mike- Jeffery Donovan

Um, I maybe just wanna be fake married to Jeffery, here.  Also, he’s already used to being called Mike from Burn Notice.

Becky-Stacey Wallace Benefiel

I’m all about the drama as you can see from my Glimpse photo shoot.

Tee hee.  That was fun.  If you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


One thought on “A serious discussion of hotties

  1. Good call on Pastor Paul!! Maybe TL could be Avery’s BFF Jason, and then he and Selena can re-enact their real life hookup. 🙂

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