From here to there

How do you find the time to write?  I have to squeeze it in between childcare, medical transcription, play rehearsals, grocery shopping, hanging out with my husband, and y’know regular life.  I rarely get hours to write, I’m lucky if I can spend an hour a day, but I do get something done nearly everyday.  It may be 200 words, or editing what I wrote the day before-I try to stay connected to my work in snippets and then once a week on Sunday evenings I do get hours to work.  The kids go to their grandparents for the evening, the hubby knows to leave me alone (he’s a poet) and apart from my old as dirt dog needing to be let outside every 15 minutes, I can be with my brain without distraction.

I’m looking forward to writing this evening, even though my characters are not cooperating with me at the moment.  I’m engaged in a big plotting fail right now.  I wrote great notes for the end, in fact I’ve written the end of *Glimmer* already, but I was vague in the middle and now I’m paying for it.  You see, I need to skip ahead by weeks and yet, everything keeps happening within this one week.  I’m in control of it all, right?  Well…yes and no.  If you set your book at two weeks before Christmas and talk about Christmas presents, then you better damn well have a Christmas scene, except I don’t really want to, it does nothing to further the plot.  Also, if someone is pregnant with a regular human baby and it’s going to be born after the usual 9 months, well you gotta account for 9 months.  I’ll figure it out, I’m not the first writer to have an easier time writing the beginning and end of a novel and then have trouble getting through the middle.  Getting your characters from here to there takes practice.

That’s all I’m thinking about today-how I’m going to get everyone to the next exciting plot point without having it occur right after the last exciting plot point. But then I think about books like The House of Night series and those like, 7 books now I think?, all take place over the course of maybe a month-if you think about it, which I’m guessing P.C. doesn’t really want you to because it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Vampire/witch/shaman hybrids I can get behind, but things have to happen in a logical amount of time.  Ha!  I could go the New Moon route and put dramatic nearly blank month pages in the book, but no one’s clinically depressed.  In fact, Zel doesn’t get depressed, Zel gets pissed and figures out how to break the rules with the minimum amount of Jesus guilt.  No, I’m just going to have to write it out and edit it later for boringoscity.

It sounds like the kids are occupied at the moment, I think I’m going to go sneak in a paragraph or two, warm up for this evenings writing session.

3 thoughts on “From here to there

  1. I enjoy the way boringoscity rolls off the tongue and make me think of Police era Sting. 🙂

    Everyone should get more writing done than they do. I could feasibly write a chapter a day if I could keep away from FB Scrabble and message boards. Okay, maybe not a whole chapter, but more than the 200 words I get to some days.

    Meh, it’s just another thing to stress about/feel guilty for, what good does that do?

    I recently stopped reading the blog of a writer that you have recently written a blog post about, because half of her posts were about if you don’t write everyday you’re never gonna make it and I just thought, “Jesus, let’s just simmer down and all do what we can do.” AND THEN she dissed self-published writers, so the love between us was over. Not that I still don’t love her books, ’cause I do.

    Also, I’m never going to be the type of writer who gets up at 5 in the morning and writes for 2 hours everyday before the kids go to school then writes for 3 more, takes a break and writes until the kids come home. Not the way I work. Didn’t work out for me in the culinary world either-I was a horrible line cook, but awesome at catering. I’m all about think, think, think, prep, prep,prep, and then have one day of craziness where you get the job done.

    I’m kinda over all the rules I’m supposed to follow, can you tell? LOL

    Time to go figure out how to get my characters through Christmas and onto something more exciting. 🙂

  2. I recently wrote a blog post about a writer? I don’t remember. email me? zoegrace25 AT gmail DOT com

    LOL @ “Jesus, let’s just simmer down…” I definitely don’t write every day. If I did, I would probably get a lot more done. I’m about to start reimplementing my “do my writing first, THEN social network and do the other stuff” rule. Because it’s easy for me to see social networking as “accomplishing something” and it is, but I need to work more to get more work out there. I can’t make money off of stuff I haven’t written yet.

    I don’t get why people have to go out of their way to dis self-published writers. I agree there is a lot of crap self-published, BUT there are more motivations than just “no one else would have me” for self-publishing, and I wish more people could grasp that concept.

    I think the rules often become more of a cage than a help. It works for some people, but everybody has their own rhythm and I think fighting against that is usually pretty pointless.

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