I got the funk….ewwww

Happy Monday-I hope it’s actually Summer where you are, because here in Oregon it is still early March.  The sun comes out for a minute or two every couple of hours.  Usually I love the rain and the cloudy skies, but I think it’s contributing to my overall funk today.  I’ve spent the morning doing necessary things like laundry and transcribing medical reports.  Hopefully with those tasks completed, I’ll buck up.  I did finally get around to watching the season finale of Vampire Diaries.  Woo hoo!  Gotta say, this is one instance where the tv show is better than the books. (Not that I didn’t plow through the books once upon a time.)

Very productive writing night yesterday.  All the characters are going in the right direction now.  It’s all because of Claire.  I need to use her more often to liven up things and move everyone along.  Even though Zellie is pretty awesome for a main character, she can be a bit of a worrier.  Claire helps her put things in perspective, often in a humourous and pervy way.  Having your BFF be a smart, loud mouth, slut is always good in my opinion.:)  (Are you taking notes, Sarah?  Ha!)  After I pick up the kids and clean up the playroom this afternoon, I think I’ll be able to squeeze in writing time before play practice tonight.

So, play practice…King Midas, what can I say?  It either goes really well or no one shows up.  The entire cast is only able to practice together one day a week.  We have yet to run through the Spanish version of the show.  We’ll get to that this week. Cross your fingers it is not a total disaster!  Tonight I’m going to concentrate on getting Bacchus in shape-before you get ahead of yourselves thinking about a manly God of wine-my Bacchus is a 12-year-old math genius.  He cracks me up, but needs a lot of direction.  For instance, he often forgets to face the audience, as in says his lines completely turned around facing the back of the stage.  He’ll get it, he’s a smart kid.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t choke in front of an audience!

I had to take the paperback of Glimpse down for a couple of days.  It needed a copyright page.  Yes, you read that right I published it without a copyright page.  When another writer pointed that out to me I thought, if someone wants to go to the trouble of scanning it and putting it on the internet, whatever, but then I got paranoid and added one in.  It was something I overlooked-I thought that CreateSpace would automatically put one in for some reason because I had to fill out all of the information.  Now it’s done and I can rest easy.  If you have a copy without a copyright page, good for you!  It’s now a “special” edition. LOL

Okay, I’m rambling.  Gonna go catch up on some more tv and fold pants.

One thought on “I got the funk….ewwww

  1. I did always wish to be slutty. Two out of three’s good, though! I think I’m a slut in spirit, if not in practice and it’s the thought that counts. Also, my calendar is marked for July 10th! Midas in the park, woohoo!!

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