Author Interview: Margaret Sarah Bechtel

I read In the Land of Winter by Margaret Sarah Bechtel over the weekend while I was at the beach.  It’s a great, soapy, romantic read full of harsh circumstances and wiley Scottish folk. (There’s even a Wallace in there.)  She was nice enough to answer some interview questions.

SWB: How did you come up with the idea for your novel? 

 MSB: Last fall I kept having a dream about a young woman in the ocean at night, with a light house off in the distance.  The dream would not leave me, so I started to write and that’s how Kate was born so to speak. That young woman crept inside my heart and I just had to let her speak.

 SWB: What is your writing process?

 MSB: I wrote almost every day, I wrote the second chapter first because that was my dream.  I wrote in chunks whatever scene I saw in my head I wrote, and then I pieced it all together later.  I wrote the first draft in two months.

 SWB: Describe yourself in five words.

 MSB: People say I’m funny, loyal, quiet, shy, and sweet.  I say their smoking something. Lol

 SWB: What is your favorite junk food?

 MSB: I love Doritos and cranberry juice.

 SWB:  What do you like to read?

 MSB:  Almost everything that has words!  The last couple of years I’ve had addiction to Twilight, Harry Potter, The Earth Children series.

 SWB: What do you do when you’re not writing?

 MSB: Reading and I’m with my niece and nephews. They’re 5, 3, and 1.5.

 SWB: Tell me about any upcoming titles you’ve been working on.

 MSB: My second novel is called Learning in the Dark.  Lynn is blinded in a childhood accident caused my two older teenage boys.  Years later when Lynn is college she realizes that the boys now men, Carter and Davis are at the same university.  Their lives become entangled in some surprising ways, and the question is “While Lynn is learning in the dark can she learn to forgive?”

 SWB: Who is your favorite character in your novel?

 MSB: In my first novel, In the Land of Winter, I would have to say Kate because I thought of her first.

 SWB: And now for the serious question- Have you ever watched Vampire Diaries, and if so, Team Damon or Stefan? 

 MSB: I read the books but haven’t seen the show.  I have to admit it was not my thing.  But I’m Team Edward, I have to say I’m a Twilight girl.

In the Land of Winter is available at CreateSpace and Amazon.


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