Making your blog match your kitchen-it’s easy!

Yes, I’ve redesigned my blog again.  I’m sure it is hormonal since I do it about once a month.  I finally found a theme that is a size I like and has umpteen color combinations for me to play with.  I made my blog the color I’m going to paint my kitchen after its remodeled later this summer.  Please do not call it baby blue- it’s icy sea glass fjords or something.  Yet another job I want-paint color namer. (Valerie probably knows the real title of that position).

So, yeah, in addition to writing on *Glimmer*, directing King Midas, taking my transcription final, and watching my chicken monkeys, I gotta demo my kitchen at some point so that Sarah’s bro-in-law Job (who is a totally legit contractor) can put humpty kitchen back together again.  All exciting and spaz-inducing stuff, I must say.  I expect to have even more gray hair come September.

Not a ton to report today, hope you all enjoyed the interview, I’ll be doing at least one a month.  It’s fun for me and involves less thinking.  Plus, the interviews contain information instead of me babbling about humpty kitchens and what not, so that’s refreshing, no?

Also, check out the blogroll-it’s back and ready to rock!  I’m going to be adding a crapload of YA book blogs up in there.  I find them highly entertaining and I think you will too.

Sales of Glimpse are moderate and a little meh to be honest.  The e-book price has been lowered to $1.99 on Smashwords and Amazon.  Tell your friends!  $2 for a full length novel is pretty frickin’ awesome, guys.  Especially for one that doesn’t suck.

And now, I’m off to type up radiology reports from 1985.  Yesterday’s work was heavy on the lady parts, let’s hope today’s focuses on livers or something.

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