I really felt the urge to type wassup here. Sorry.

I knew that mid-June to August was going to be a crazyass time in my life, but man, I’m barely holding it together!  I must remind myself to not release a book, market said book, write on the next book, prepare for a transcription final, and direct a rag tag band of players in a summer theatre production, all at the same damn time.  Too much!  Too much for me to handle, too much for my kids to handle, too much for the hubs to handle.  Blarg.  And I got a bad review-not the only one I will ever get I’m sure, but the timing kind of blew.  Ah, well, I get myself into this shit, no one else to blame.

Play practice was straight chaos last night.  It was our first practice with all the props and set pieces-not to mention that some roles are double cast, so I was having to make sure 4 people got the correct stage directions and even I couldn’t remember what we’d agreed to do sometimes.  I only have the whole cast to run through the show one day a week-not the environment most conducive to order.  Also, because its summer, nearly everyone in the show is missing a week of rehearsals here, a performance there.  Mama needs a flow chart to keep it all together.  At this point I think all I have to do is play Tmolus the mountain god for one evening performance and one Spanish performance.  Oh, and yeah, I had to record myself saying some lines in Spanish.  That wasn’t totally mortifying.  At least I said or-ray-has instead of or-ray-jas, I suppose it could have been worse-the play might have been translated into I-talian.

Alright, (it is too a word, it’s slang, look it up people) so you all probably want to know about the bad review because I would if someone mentioned getting one and then didn’t say anything else about it.  Here’s the link: Persnickety Snark  Oh yeah, I went there.  The thing is, as you all will read for yourselves, is that she liked the first half of the book and loathed the second.  I can live with that.  My intention with sending Glimpse to reviewers is to get reviews, good or bad.  Reviews help sell books and I want to sell books.  Otherwise, I’d just send Glimpse around to all my friends for free and sit back and let them tell me how awesome I am. 🙂

Now I must go transcribe for a bit before I make my 5,000th PB&J for my kid’s lunch.  Will they ever like to eat, say, a cobb salad, because that’s what I would like to have right now?

Oh!  Almost forgot.  I did a guest post about illustrator/children’s author Alison Jay for Jessica over at A Fanatic’s Book Blog.  Head on over and check it out!

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