A very unbarbeque to you. To me? To you.

I’m supposed to be finishing up cleaning my house right now, but my momentum  has come to a stand still.  All I had to do was stop cleaning, go pick up the kids, bring the kids home and put them down for a nap, and start cleaning again.  Instead, I arrive at my parents house and my mom has decided to give my son a mullet.  Now, I told her to cut his hair if she wanted, she usually does a fine job, but something possessed her to only cut the front, making the boy look like a mini Ray Cyrus circa 1991.  So, we had to go to the Supercuts and get it worked out.  The boy was actually very good and now looks like a sweet little man. However, I got home and it was 3:00 and I hadn’t eaten yet or checked my e-mail since 7 am, so I sat down to eat and read and here I still be.  The kitchen floors are so gross, they really have to be the next thing I do.

The reason I’m cleaning is because I’m having a- well, we’re calling it a bbq, but I’m not actually bbqing anything, so I guess I’m having an informal dinner party centered around a large cut of meat I will be roasting in the oven.  My friend from high school, Eric, and his family just moved to Beaverton from Missouri and we’re all getting together to eat and drink beer and be glad that the weather has finally managed to get above 55 for the first time in two weeks.  My neighbors up the street are coming over too and we haven’t really hung out with them much, but they have kids the same age.  It should be a very kid friendly Americana sort of evening.

Thanks to those who stopped by and checked out my guest post on A Fanatic’s Book Blog yesterday.  I enjoyed doing that.  Also, I think it helped draw attention to Glimpse .  I see on Goodreads that several more people have added Glimpse to their TBR piles.  I sent off another review copy today to The Page Turner’s blog, so that’s exciting.  I’m looking forward to seeing more reviews within the next couple of months.  I only have 4 up on Amazon now and my goal is to have 10 by the time Glimmer is released.  I think that’s a doable goal.

And because I looked at my calendar just now I would like to report that three weeks from tomorrow I will have seen Eclipse. 🙂  Very happy to go to the moms and gays early bird showing with Valerie and Pernille.  Sarah can’t make it because she’ll be hungover in the woods, possibly sleeping or working on her very un-Cullen like tan.

Okay.  Time to finish cleaning so everyone can get here and see my house is clean and then set about getting it dirty again.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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