I’m gonna be happy for just like, 5 seconds, and then I’ll go back to being a serious writer. *snort*

I believe it is only fair that if I post my bad review, then I should also get to toot me own horn a bit when I get a good one!  Diana from Night Owl Reviews gave Glimpse a 4.5/5.  Thank you, Jesus, someone who doesn’t know me or think I suck has finally reviewed Glimpse.  In the interest of full disclosure, Night Owl Reviews is based in Hillsboro, OR, one town over from where I live.  However, it is an internet review site, so the reviewer might not live in Oregon even, and thus not feel the need for some OR solidarity.  Whatevs.  I still wanna say, West-si-eed! (‘Cause, y’know, we’re west of the Willamette River…oh, never mind.)

Things are looking up on Goodreads as well.  I’ve got a giveaway going right now and while the numbers are by no means Meg Cabotesque, the last time I looked 206 people were entered to win a copy of Glimpse.  Also, 60 people have it on their to be read lists.  I’m trying to friend them all, but have exceeded my limit for the day.  Hmmm, maybe Goodreads thinks I’m a computer instead of just an overenthusiastic dork?

In the next few weeks I’ve got an interview on Amanda Hocking’s blog and another giveaway on the book blog Written Word Review.  I’m reading the third book, Flutter, in Amanda’s My Blood Approves series and am totally hooked.  Sexy young vampires?  Uh, yes, please!  I’ll be posting my reviews of all three MBA books and an interview with Amanda next week.

I worked quite a bit on *Glimmer* today, not adding much word count, but I read it from the beginning and did some editing.  Here is a list of words and phrases that I use way too much: Just, totally, apparently, snorted, deal, rolled eyes, and possibly glimmer. I think that last one happened because I titled the book before I started writing it.  Expect to see lots of the word “glow” in the last book of the ZW trilogy.  Ha!

That’s all for now, I just apparently and totally had to get some of my spazocity out. (snorts and rolls glimmery eyes)


4 thoughts on “I’m gonna be happy for just like, 5 seconds, and then I’ll go back to being a serious writer. *snort*

      1. I am so weird about apostrophes…they are super tricky and misused like crazy. Then again, maybe I don’t really know the “rules” as well as I like to think I do.

        When I saw “whatev’s” on Page 221, I realized I had never seen the word in print – though I say it all the time (and immediately cringe afterward). I wondered about the apostrophe for one second…then had to keep reading. Not sure if it should be there or not, but I think I like it better without. 🙂

  1. I stole whatevs from Sarah and I don’t think she puts an apostrophe. I could be wrong about that. I am forgiving about typos and will also fight for all writer’s, er, rights to use alright as slang. 🙂 I’m glad whatevs didn’t totally pull you out of the story. You may have to be my apostrophe nazi for Glimmer.

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