This morning I woke up from a dream with the word reciprocity in my head.  I’d been saying it over and over to someone, trying to make a point about I don’t know what.  I guess my subconscious thinks I’m holding up my end of the bargain and in some instances, others are not.

Several things pissed me off yesterday.  The first being the kitchen design center at IKEA. They claim it’s so easy and efficient.  I beg to differ. I went in with a drawing of my kitchen done on the computer by my contractor hoping to order cabinets and countertops and left cursing all things Swedish.  No one helped me, they just told me to go to a computer and make up a drawing of my kitchen.  Well, I already had one in my hand and a list of the cabinets I wanted and what sizes they were supposed to be.  No one cared.  So, I sat there, fuming at the stupid computer while I redid the drawing I already had.  After two hours of that, I was ready to go home and am seriously considering not getting my cabinets from IKEA.  Thanks for nothing!  Apparently, you don’t want to actually make any money or you’d think someone would have just helped me out instead of informing me that they had classes that taught you how to use their computer programs on the weekend. 

Then I went to play practice and I guess everyone thinks the call time of 7 is a loose guideline.  No one showed up at 7, and only a few had arrived by 7:15.  Then the kid playing Bacchus, who didn’t show up to practice at all last Thursday because he decided to go to Toyr-R-Us instead, informed me that his sister, who has a large role, was at volleyball practice and wasn’t going to be there.  Didn’t I get her message?  Well, yeah, there was a message on my phone that I had missed because it was on vibrate.  She had called me at 7 while I was busy schlepping the set from my car into the practice room.  My acting teacher from Columbia would’ve chewed me out if I hadn’t been at rehearsal and ready to go at 6:50, I’m just sayin’.

After that fiasco, I come home to 50 e-mails about some writers not voting for other writers on these lists we do to promote our books, even though everyone is supposed to vote for everyone.  That’s the entire purpose of the group.  So, for all of you fuckwits that joined the group and got me and all of the other honest writers to vote for you and then bailed, I hope karma kicks your ass from here to the moon.

When did people begin not caring if their word was good or not?  I mean, probably forever ago, but I have enough of it going on in my life that I actually had a dream about it.  What a shame.


3 thoughts on “Reciprocity

  1. Yowza!! You should have Pernille go with you to IKEA and help you figure it all out. I guess the person they hired for that kitchen design job isn’t doing so well…

    1. Yes, she would be much better than the people that were working when I was there. This one lady kept snorting at me like she thought I was the dumbest person that ever lived. I get it that you have to put the shit into their computer, but I had a fricking list of what I wanted, I don’t understand what was so unreasonable about that.

  2. IKEA does sound nightmarish. I am so far in the middle of nowhere–that our options for cabinets are: making them ourselves, or hiring the Amish to do them. Ha. Anyway,you are doing all the right things & you reap what you sow–so it will all pay off!

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