Candy: Two kinds

*Additions to earlier post at the end.

I’m going to go see Eclipse in a few hours and I’m excited for some mid-morning eye candy, although Sarah said that the wigs are even more distracting in this movie.  This baffles me.  My MIL wears wigs, that she washes in the washing machine, and her hair looks more real.  Psst, Summit, give me a call and I’ll hook it up for Breaking Dawn-she lives in Oregon now and doesn’t do anything besides go to AA meetings, so I’m sure she could just pop up to The Couv and work some hair magic.  At least on Jasper, for the love of God, let Gramma Mary get a hold of Jasper. Jackson Rathbone is a cutie in real life.  I might have to go see Airbender just to get a good look at him sans Flock of Seagulls haircut. 

From what I’ve seen in the trailers, it  appears that the vampires are whiter in Eclipse too.  No matter, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the action and the abs and the fact that I am getting to eat candy in the dark at 11am on a Saturday.  The movies are about the cute boys for me, not the story. I started reading the books after I saw the trailer for Twilight, so the actors in the movie are the same people who I saw in my head when I was reading the books.  I just think it’s fun to watch them do some of the things I imagined; the movie  doesn’t have to be exactly like the books.  If I want to get deep into the story, I’ll reread the books.

Last night I watched Twilight and New Moon again in anticipation of Eclipse.  My sister came over to watch them with me, but she only stayed for Twilight, as she doesn’t like New Moon very much.  I’ll admit it’s my least favorite of the books, but I don’t have anything against the movie, apart from the floating Edward hallucination.  The only time it is even remotely cool is when she’s drowning, otherwise it makes me giggle.  It could also be the jacket he’s wearing, it looks like something a person would wear to a Kentucky Derby party. 

While we were watching I was flipping through the latest EW and came upon a pic of Eric from True Blood (I would type his real name here but I don’t know how to get that accent mark circle thingy on his last name).  I turned to my sis and remarked, “Now that’s a hot vampire.”  She whole heartedly agreed and then wondered why I wasn’t more into True Blood, because in her opinion TB is way better than Twilight.  Then she went on to say that it was probably because it was about adults instead of teenagers.  I don’t necessarily think that’s true.  I haven’t read the books that True Blood is based on, but I have watched the first 2 seasons and I just don’t think it’s that interesting.  Each episode seems to float along on a very thin plot until it gets to the “crazy” sex scene.  I think that’s what people like about it more than anything.  I also don’t like Californication and Entourage for the same reason.  If I want to watch porn, I’ll watch porn.  Well, actually, if I want to watch porn, I’ll read erotica because I’d much rather use my imagination.  I guess my prude switch still flips on when I watch sex scenes.  I’m more comfortable with them in my head. (Thanks, countless hours of church!)

I’ll be back later to tell you all about the hotness (I almost always type hotmess first) and probably not a whole lot else about the movie.  My critical thinking skillz blow-that’s the reason I was such a bad English major.  I’m awful at writing reviews and have to try really hard to write book reviews that don’t completely suck.  It’s something I’m working on, but not gonna go there with Eclipse-not when there’s eleventy billion better reviews to be had.  I will tell you this, though, I’m positive that the peanut M&M’s will be good and that I’ll think RPattz has a perty mouth no matter what.

*Eclipse was throughly enjoyable, hot, and action packed.  Also, there was a good deal more Charlie in it and that is always a good thing. (And age appropriate, crushwise)  There was definitely a level of cheesiness to it as per usual, but the actors seemed like they were directed to be more in on the joke this time.  That’s about all the review you’re gonna get out of me.  Moving on to the boys:  I didn’t think Jaspar’s hair looked bad for the entire movie.  It especially looked decent when he was training/fighting.  We also got to know more about his character.  Emmett wasn’t in it that much and I’m fine with it, he’s not my type. 🙂  Carlisle usually would be, but his skin and his hair are the same color and it’s too much.  Seriously, the team at Great Clips could do a better job with him-he’s an attractive guy for crying out loud!  Jacob and all his werewolf brethren were pumped up and shirtless for more than 3 quarters of the movie.  While it was good for the eyes, it also was  funny and I’m sure that was the point.  RPattz was pretty and actually got to kick some ass, so his not being a huge emo pussy only improved on his hotness.  He was whiter in this movie, but the clothes were better, so that all evened out.  I’m already looking forward to seeing it again.  Now, however, I gotta go write about my own hot characters and all the shenanigans they get into.


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