Something new

I trust everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  The weather here has chosen not to cooperate again and I’m pretty sure the weather forecasters have started drinking, because they keep claiming it is going to be in the 80’s and then it barely gets to 70.  We had a great, even though it was chilly, 4th.  I finished a PNR on my kindle that was free and it was good-love it when the freebies are actually good.  It is Eternal Hunter  by Cynthia Eden.  The novel is part of a series, I guess, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything really important.  The cover is one of those headless ab pictures that make me glad I read these kinds of books on my kindle. 🙂 After lounging about reading all day, we dropped the kids off at my parents and went to a cook out at some friends’ place.  We had super yummy blue cheese and herb burgers and played a fun game called cornhole ( it’s like washers or horseshoes).  Much riffing on the name cornhole ensued, especially as the number of beers increased.

This morning I got to sleep in a bit and had many revelations about a PNR novella that I’ve been adding to for the past few months.  I think I’m going to up the age of the character from 17 to 20 and see what happens.  As much as I love writing YA, sometimes I want to write about certain, uh, encounters between characters without it being skeevy or illegal.  Plus, in the context of the world I’m creating, it only ups the stakes.  I’ve thought it through all the way to the end, so I think I’m going to put Glimmer aside for a couple of weeks and bust it out.  Writing on the same work in progress all the time can make your writing stagnant.  Time to switch it up a bit.  I’m excited!

King Midas opens this Saturday-only two more rehearsals to go!  I’m ready for it to be done.  There are a couple of cast members that have been bitching about me behind my back and so the experience has had some of the fun drained out of it.  It’s been a tough show to get up to begin with, but at least I had positive feelings about it for most of the time. 

Now I’ve gotta go wake the boy up so we can head over to my parents house for a fish fry.  Today is my mom’s birthday and all she wanted to do was hang out and eat fish. LOL  Fine by me!

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