Practicing the art of dilly-dallying

I have a huge list of things I have to do today and I’m going to do two of them.  Eff it.  I have had an extremely productive week, both at home, sales-wise, and at play rehearsal.  I need a break.  Even more than that, I need to just be lazy and do nothing.  Perhaps I’ll finish the almost good free romance on my kindle or watch my backlog of SYTYCD.  Who knows.  I already went grocery shopping when I didn’t want to-thus why I ended up with a lot of gourmet cheese, bacon, olives, and microwave taquitos.  King Midas starts tomorrow, so I have to repaint some of the props gold this afternoon, but then that’s it.

We have friends visiting from out-of-town tomorrow, a couple of which have never seen our house.  The way I was looking at it was that their first experience would be seeing my house dirty, but then I realized they don’t have my clean house to compare it to, so maybe they won’t notice that I didn’t vacuum.

This was my first week back at being a SAHM without my husband also here.  He started a new job on Tuesday.  That’s an adjustment.  I also don’t have my transcription reports hanging over my head calling to me to finish them, so that free’s up a bit more time.  I wrote a lot this week.  A lot for me.  Another entire chapter on Glimmer and a really cracking start on my PNR.  I also sold more books this week than I did all of last month.  The marketing that I’ve been working hard on is starting to pay off, the feeling that I’m scrambling is starting to dissipate.  Even the play, as much as it needs 5 more rehearsals, it will be over in 6 performances.  I’ve done all I can to make it the best I can, now it’s up to the actors to do their job.

Yeah, so today, I’m going to dilly-dally, perhaps I’ll even putz and be lackadaisical.  I think I’ve earned it.


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