Take a chance on me

Sometimes I bust out the old culinary skillz.  It’s been almost 10 years since I was in cooking school, but I still love to cook, even if it’s just breakfast for me and the hubs.  Since we consumed too much wine last afternoon/evening, the order to the day was bacon, eggs with mushrooms, roasted sweet mini peppers, cherry tomatoes and Rogue blue cheese, and English muffins with too much butter.  All was good and all is gone.  (The kids had Cheerios because I hate to see my good cookin’ go to waste-they’re better at trying new things at dinnertime.)

The first two shows of King Midas are over!  It was a super hot day yesterday and I’m quite sunburned.  We had a few snafu’s to deal with right off the bat: One of the actor’s didn’t show up, so I had to play his part and forgot to bring his main prop out onto stage with me-improvisation ensued, the cd player that we use for our sound cues wasn’t working-a result of being tipped on its side one time too often, no doubt, and the actor who plays Pan left his ukulele at home and it is his major prop-in the end he learned how to play the harmonica on the fly and did an excellent job.  It seriously wouldn’t be community theatre if stuff like that didn’t happen often.  We had a great audience for the first show, the one in English.  About 35-40 people were there, a much improved number over last year.  The second show was our Spanish show and it was not well attended. 🙂  All the better, we really needed to practice it again!  Plus, we only have to do it one more time, so whatever.  The other show the NAC is putting on, directed by the guy playing King Midas, apparently had an awesome opening last night as well-260 people showed up for it!  The love of community theatre is growing in my town and I’m stoked.

My writing goal for the week is to add another 800 words to Glimmer everyday.  If I exceed that, awesome, but 800 words daily is a reasonable goal that I can meet.  Especially since I want to be done with Glimmer by mid-August and we have to start remodeling our kitchen soon!

This week is also going to be Glimpse week over at Written Word Review.  An interview will be posted, as well as a giveaway.  First prize is a copy of Glimpse and a character named after you in Glimmer. Second prize is a copy of Glimpse.  Not too shabby.  There will also be another review of Glimpse. 

After the initial not so great review I got, I was a little afraid that they would all be like that, but all the other reviews I’ve received have been great!  I actually just got the coveted, “I would have paid more for this book!” review from a reader on Goodreads, who posted it on Amazon.  Thanks, Jacinda!  The reason a review like that is happy is because, as both an indie and a debut author you want to keep the price low so that people are more willing to check out your work, but some people see low price and think “piece of crap.”  Having a reader (who I in no way know!!!) say that they liked my work and it was affordable is super helpful and will hopefully convince other people to take a chance on me. (takeachancetakeachancetakeachance-Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t have ABBA playing in your head? How about now?)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, people!  I believe I have to go have an ABBA dance party now.

(Okay, the ABBA station on Pandora is also playing songs from Grease.  Hello, perfect playlist!)


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