I dream of danish.

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed something nice and carb-y for breakfast, preferably a pastry.  If you did, feel free to describe it in extreme detail to me in the comments.  🙂  The kids woke me this morning from a dream I was having about “accidentally” eating a gigantic danish-I don’t know what irritated me more, being taken away from my dream danish or the fact that it was 6 am.

My mood improved when I read a 4 star review of Glimpse by Mamafox over at Page Turner’s blog.  It’s a very thoughtful review-the kind that help me improve my writing-gotta love that.  I believe she’s a 7th grade English teacher, so constructive aspects of the review make a lot of sense.  Check it out- it’s a great blog.

I’ve been keeping up with my 800 words a day on Glimmer, actually writing more like 900, but who’s counting. 🙂  (Me, you know I’ve got my word count log.)  I’m going to hit 40K tomorrow and am optimistic that it will be easier to get to 50K+ than I thought it would be.  Yesterday, I worked on two scenes that needed some serious fleshing out, and in doing that added another whole layer to Ben.  I like my characters fully fleshed out and I am surprised all the time when something new about them pops into my head.  By changing those two scenes, I have to manipulate everything that came after them in the rest of the book and that totally excites me.  And when I’m excited to write, I can bust out some word count, let me tell you.

Hopefully I have enough time to do my word count busting, because it’s time to go back to IKEA and pick up my kitchen cabinets! I will most likely eat a shrimp salad this time and also burn calories by hauling 400 flat packs into the back of my dad’s truck.  I’m also picking up the tile from Lowe’s.  Ready or not, I gotta remodel!  The last week of July should be super fun. I hate my current kitchen so much I’m gonna be like the Cullens in a ballet studio takin’ care of James when I demo.

Have a happy hump day you all, and for the love of God, eat something with sugar in it.


One thought on “I dream of danish.

  1. I also liked the review at Page Turner’s blog. (Though at 1:45 in the morning the blog was overwhelming with stuff) I just think it’s cool that your all over the internet. And now I have a cravin’ for a danish. But no danish in the house. Will have to settle for Reese Puffs.

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