How I roll. MMMMM, rolls.

Thank you, Jesus, I just  reached 40 K on Glimmer and managed to cause a ruckus so that I’ll have something more to write about for the next 12 K or so.  By Friday of next week, I should be done with the first draft.  Then comes the good stuff: revisions!  Actually, I enjoy revising because I’m the one telling myself to do it and not someone else.  After I’ve gone through it, then I’ll send it to Sarah who’ll edit it for typos and grammer. (Yes, that’s how I spelled grammar in a recent interview, so sue me.)  She’ll also tell me what words and phrases I use too often, and what she likes and doesn’t like about it overall.  After I’ve made those changes-and I usually make most of them, I am not above being edited-then I’ll send Glimmer out to my beta readers to get their opinions.Then comes more revisions and rewrites, another pass by the typo and grammar nazi (tee hee) and I’m onto formatting for both the e-book and paperback release.  I plan on being done with all of this by October and take that month to send out review copies, so that when I release Glimmer in November, there will be some buzz.  Hopefully, Creatspace won’t decide to start selling my book before I’ve received the proof copy like they did with Glimpse.  That was a bit nerve-wracking.

I am one tired mama today.  The adventure to pick up the tile and cabinets took two hours longer than I thought it would and much heavy lifting was involved.  After we finish loading it all in the garage this afternoon, my exercise for the week is done.  We had things so crammed into my dad’s truck yesterday, that I now have an intimate relationship with my new microwave.

Caitlin over at Written Word Review is wrapping up Glimpse week with her review of Glimpse and a character interview.  Neither one of us had ever done one, so we thought we’d give it a try.  This morning I answered a bunch of questions from Zellie’s point of view.  Pretty cool.  Did you know that Zellie used to be in handbell choir at church?  Me neither!

On that completely random note, time to wake the girl up from her nap and make the kid’s some lunch.


8 thoughts on “How I roll. MMMMM, rolls.

  1. Dude, I want to eat all the rolls that ever existed. LOL I am down 3 lbs. (of water weight that I’m pretending is pure belly fat) though, so I will try and satisfy myself by talking about bread instead of eating it. 🙂

  2. You should really consider letting me edit your blog before you post it, too. LOL!

    I’m so excited to read *Glimmmer* I can hardly stand it!! 🙂

    1. What did I fuck up now? I’m hoping you read the first post-it was full of typos-that I fixed! I swear! I’m convinced you spell better because your children don’t get up at 5:30 in the morning. That has to be it. 🙂

      So much crazy shizz goes down in Glimmer, I can’t wait for you to read it!!

      1. Just at the end there. It should be “make the kids some lunch.” Apostrophes are possessive, not plural!;)

        When are you going to be done? I’ve been anxiously waiting for it!!

  3. A. I did not post that comment at 5:53 am.
    B. There should have clearly been a space after that exclamation point, so that you could see an awesome winky face. 😉

  4. I hate apostrophe’s. I almost didn’t pu’t one in kids too. It’s that thin’g where you’ think you rememb’er the rule and then do the opp’osite of what you’re suppose’d to do.

    Please read the most current post to find out when Glimmer will be done. 😉

    Maybe you can’t see it because it appears that I posted it at 2 am? The WordPress day starts over again at like, 4:30 or something. I keep changing it and it doesn’t care.

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