Independent woman

*Added to previous post: I just read this great post about Alex’s campaign to support indie authors.  Check it out and give his blog some love!

J.E. Johnson interviewed me for her blog:

She does what she calls “Drive-by interviews” and posts a new one with a different author each day.  Pretty cool.  She’s a writer herself and will be the next author interview on this here blog.  Check back for it.

I answered some more questions for an interview with indie books blog this morning.  One of the questions was, why did you decide to go indie?  Not to sound hippy dippy (although I live in Oregon and I am currently wearing my UnityCreatesStrength Haiti t-shirt, so what do you expect?) but I just got sick of the system, man.  The whole traditional publishing system is set up to make authors scrape and scramble for years and years with only the smallest hope of ever getting an agent, nevermind actually getting your book published.  Being indie ain’t easy, but the work I have to do to write, edit, and market a book is all for myself and not for the ten other people who make money off of me.  (Damn.  I should have written that in the interview!  I gave a much tamer answer.  Guess all the protein I had for breakfast finally kicked in and elevated my rage.)  At any rate, I’m stoked to be indie and will not go back to groveling for agent/publisher approval.  So there.

I’m hoping to bust out another Glimmer scene this afternoon.  Right now, the kids and I are waiting for our neighbor to bring her boys down for a playdate.  The house has been pre-trashed by my children, so I won’t feel the usual remorse over having my clean house destroyed. 🙂  With the kitchen demo starting next week, I gotta admit, I’m being lax on the housework.  Everything’s going to be covered in sheet rock and grout dust for a month anyway, why keep up?

Have a swell day everyone.  Power to the people! (That’s the bacon talking.)

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