The odds are in my favor.

I got a couple of things going for me:

1. I’ve eaten an ungodly amount of blue cheese stuffed olives this week and have still managed to lose 6 lbs.

2. I remembered all of my lines tonight in my “one night only” appearance as Tmolus the Mountain God in King Midas.

3.  Tomorrow is the City of Beaverton picnic in the park by my house and there will be free vittles, so that’s one less meal I have to prepare.

4. I only have 3 more scenes left to write in Glimmer. (Typing that just astounds me.  How the bejesus did I manage to write another whole novel?)

5. I’m having some cool chicks over for taco salad and a Runaways viewing party on Thursday.  Mulletcitas!

6. My family is kick ass.

7. Kitchen demo starts next week!  Destruction is fun.

What I don’t have going for me:

1. Y’all, I bombed my transcription final.  I had to complete 8 reports and they stopped grading after 4 because I’d already exceeded the number of points I was allowed to miss.  I’ve got an ass ton of studying to do in my future.

2.  I miss ice cream and toast. 

3. Glimpse isn’t selling and I can’t figure out why.  I’ve been doing a lot of interviews and getting good reviews.  As per usual I probably just need to chill and be patient-you all know how awesome I am at that. 🙂  Help me out by spreading the word about Glimpse, if you can.

I feel a lot better now.  Seven good things to three not so good things are my kind of odds.

Stay tuned for another interview tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “The odds are in my favor.

  1. sounds like you are on a roll! congrats on the six pounds! I myself am working on loosing weight… easier now than in the winter months I say. Good thing I love salads. I will NOT bring anything… so we don’t have too much food and I will be tempted to bring something sweet. Worse time to loose weight…. when pmsing.

    Fooey on the transcript test. I still think you rock!

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