Putting on and taking off various pants and hats.

Today’s the day. I have two scenes left to write in Glimmer and I’m finishing it today come hell or high water.  My life is even more busy at the current moment than I thought it would be, but the scenes are in my head and I promised Sarah a draft by the 26th.  Time to put on my big girl pants and get it done.  What that entails is a writing a smidge over 4K.  If I can complete that today, then I can use what little time I have over the weekend to add another 1-2K throughout the whole thing.  A lot of writers, when they revise, cut, cut,cut.  I add.  I write sparsely and always have to go back and clarify some descriptions, though I don’t go overboard.  It’s a book; use your imagination.  What everything looks like is simply suggested by me, but made real by you.

I’ll be taking a short break this afternoon for an in person interview!  A reporter from the Beaverton Valley Times e-mailed me yesterday and wants to talk with me about Glimpse.  I’m not gonna lie, that surprised the hell out of me.  I’m fairly certain that she was covering the free theatre I’ve been involved in this summer and read my bio in the program, where I mention Glimpse.  Nothing like some cross-promotion!  We’re going to chat in the backyard while the kids nap.  Very writerly, don’t you think? (Apart from the froggy sprinkler, the ladybug sandbox, and the ten Tonka trucks that litter said backyard.)

Then, the weekend is here and I’ve got two more productions of King Midas and the cast party.  Its been a fun run, but I’m ready for it to be over.  Time to take off my theatre hat and put on my writer one.

Monday=Total Kitchen Annihilation!!!!!  Okay, first I’m going to put all of my dishes and utensils into bins and store them in the garage, but then its Sledgehammer of Doom meets Formica!!!!!  That’s Monday, Monday, Monday, by the way. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll be back with updates aplenty next week.

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