.99 to be you and me

Things don’t always turn out the way you think they’re going to.  I swore I’d be done with Glimmer by now, but the more I write, the more I think of things that need to be included to tie up loose ends.  Thus, the word count just keeps on coming and I’ve missed two self-imposed deadlines.  Will we all live?  I think so.

In the mean time, I’ve posted some of Grace and Mike’s back story that was cut from Glimpse on my website.  I’m also waiting for it to publish on Smashwords and Amazon.  Its free on Smashwords, but I had to charge $.99 for it on Amazon because they don’t let indies publish any free material.  Technically, this doesn’t jive with Amazon. They like for you to charge the same price across the board.  Well, guys, give indies the ability to publish free content and we will obey your rules. When their crawler finds things for cheaper at other sites they discount the item to be competitive.  Hopefully this happens. If they don’t take care of the price discrepancy for me,  I’m thinking there is some kind of coupon code or something I can implement to at least make it cost $.10.  Either that, or I’ll be the first to “review” it and suggest that it might be found elsewhere for free. 🙂  I’m really not a break the rules kind of person, but I sell my books on Amazon, so I should be able to post snippets from said books on there for free.

One more performance of King Midas this afternoon and then its over!  Nobody showed for the second Spanish performance yesterday and I had to cancel it.  Lame.  Oh well, on to different things.  Tonight I’ll get a chance to write while the kids are spending the night at my parents.  My plan (and I use that term loosely in a very Zellie like manner) is to finish the last scene I have to write.  After that, I will try to tie up all of the loose ends I’ve got jotted on Post-its all over my desk and get it over to Sarah.  However, I might also go swimming and eat dinner at Red Lobster.  You never really know with me.

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