Six degrees of awesome

It has been the strangest last couple of days.  I’m living in a house without a kitchen, getting my picture taken in said shell of a kitchen for the local paper, reconnecting with a friend I haven’t seen since the mid 1990’s, and striking up friendships with other authors who live across the country from me.

If you’ve tried to purchase the e-book of Glimpse from Amazon, it is currently in review and I hope to have it back up again by tomorrow morning.  You can still find it at Smashwords and Goodreads in e-book format, and on Amazon in paperback.  I took it down to fix a couple of typos, (Damn you Alright paranoia-thanks ZW!) add some contact information at the end, and add an excerpt from Susan Bischoff’s upcoming title, Hush Money.  I’ve read the excerpt, of course, and the first two chapters are super good.  I can’t wait to read the rest!  Hush money should be going live in the next few days.  Check out her website to read the first chapter.

Now, how this all came to be is a sort of crazy story.  Susan recently became friends on Twitter with a writer named Christel.  When Susan purchased Glimpse from Smashwords, she tweeted that she’d bought it and Christel saw this and recognized my name.  Well, she would, we lived together or very close by one another for most of the early to mid nineties.  First in the dorms at U of O, then in an old house we used to call “The Maxi Pad,” then in a duplex, and eventually up here in Portland we worked together at Bee’s Dry Cleaners.  We lost touch after I moved to Los Angeles, had brief contact on Myspace when I moved back to Oregon, but we literally haven’t seen each other since 1997.  So, Christel friends me on Twitter and I see all these tweets between her and Susan and before you know it, Christel and I are catching up,  and Susan and I are Twitter friends, and lo and behold Susan’s BFF and crit partner is Kait Nolan…Susan reads Glimpse, I read Kait’s Forsaken by Shadow and Susan’s Hush Money excerpt, we all read Christel’s poetry and phew!  Are you still with me?  I basically had my own cool chick indie author fest over the weekend.  Yee-freaking-haw, people.  Too much fun!  So, when Susan suggested that we put excerpts from each other’s books in the back of our e-books, I thought, “why not, we’re practically internet related at this point?”

That’s what I spent yesterday doing.  The DTP has changed since the last time I uploaded Glimpse, so I had to figure some things out again.  I’m still cursing myself for putting DRM on it, because you can’t take it off once you’ve put it on.  Oh, well, that’s what Smashwords is for and I certainly won’t be doing that for Glimmer.  It’s a learning process. 🙂  After that, I read Forsaken by Shadow on my kindle.  It was great.  Sexy characters, fresh story, vivid description-all for $1.  Hells yeah.  Speaking of hell, do you think I’m going there because so far I find The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo kinda boring?  I know, blasphemy!

Today is a big writing day and I need to get started.  Enjoy your Sunday.


11 thoughts on “Six degrees of awesome

  1. I’m feeling like this should involve a retreat of awesomeness–except Susan and I have no money or time to get to Oregon 😀 Glad you enjoyed FBS! I’ve added Glimpse to my TBR pile and am looking forward to that. Susan said she was up until 2 in the morning finishing it. I’d say that’s a great recommendation!

  2. Maybe we’ll have to come to you! I have been known to take some extreme roadtrips. Sarah (my BFF) and I once drove from Oregon to MO to TN in like 30 hours to take my sister to Graceland for her 16th birthday. Of course we were 19 at the time. 😉

  3. Dragon Tattoo is not boring, I swear!! Keep going…I told you the beginning is slow.

    Now I am making a Chandler-style whip cracking sound (whuppa!!) to make sure that you finish Glimmer today. 🙂

  4. This post was so fun to read. That whole chain of events was weird. Do you know that was also the first time I ever clicked the tweet button on a Smashwords page? Just an odd impulse. It’s been so awesome getting to know you a bit over the last few days. More indie author chick fest! Thanks for the shout-out.

  5. I don’t think I could’ve said it any better! Weird…definitely Kevin Bacon-esque shit.

    Congrats on finishing Glimmer!

  6. I can totally be your beta reader! After I finished up Hush Money. LOL I bite off a lot sometimes, but it’s well worth it. Should I read Glimpse first though? Don’t want to spoil it. I wanted to read the sample, but made myself wait until I get the actual book. There’s just something about the feel of a new book in your hands, but the future of publishing is upon us. Hmm….maybe I should buy a Kindle?

    1. You should definitely read Glimpse first so shit makes sense. 🙂 And yes, you should buy a kindle! I heart mine very, very much. Or a nook, lots of people like those too, from what I hear. It will take you a day to read Glimpse, so let me know when you get it and I’ll send Glimmer shortly thereafter. Ha!

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