Huzzah!  Glimmer is done!  I finished it last night around 9:30.  Then I made scrambled eggs, bacon, and spinach, and watched StepUp2The Streets on TBS.  I have seen that movie at least 7 times, but always have to watch it when it is on tv.

The contractor is starting on the kitchen today, so my plan is to hole up in my office and edit Glimmer all day long.  Then after I edit it, I’ll send it to Sarah for more editing.  Hopefully I’ll have something I can send to the beta readers by next week.  (If you’re interested in beta reading, drop me a line at Staceywb@verizon.net I need a couple more.)  I hope to publish it by November 1 at the latest.  It will be interesting to see how this editing process works.  Glimpse was edited by a lot of different people over five years.  Obviously, I don’t have that much time this go around.  I’m glad about that!  I’ll probably hate Glimmer less. Ha!  I actually can’t read Glimpse at all anymore.  I will hunt through it every now and again to make sure I’m not screwing up the mythology or whatever, but it will be twenty years before I can read the whole thing again!

The new and improved e-book of Glimpse is in the “publishing” stage now, so it should be up on Amazon again later today.

Well, the hubs just called and he left his lunch box here at home.  I’ve gotta go run that out to him.  There’s three Dr. Peppers in there and that is akin to the heroin for him. 🙂

2 thoughts on “tidbits

  1. Congratulations on finishing up another manuscript! Cupcake for you! This is so exciting for me because I just finished Glimpse and my first thought was MOAR!! I would be happy to beta read for you. You’ve got my email, just let me know. (I think I went over my !! limit, but hey, special occasion.)

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