Happy Wednesday!  It’s my 8th wedding anniversary today and I’m looking forward to having a dinner date with the hubs tonight.  Until then, I’ve got much computerizing to do.

I updated my website this morning.  After yesterday’s discussion on sex in YA novels I decided to redesign the website to appeal to older teens and also add a sentence explaining that Glimpse is intended for readers 13+.  I vacillated between 13 and 14 for a good while, but in the end went with 13 because I didn’t want to lose the coveted 7th grade demographic.  🙂  Nah, ’cause we’re all used to seeing PG-13 and know what to expect.  For the redesign, I basically just added more darkness.  Ha!  The site was fairly bright and cheery before and now it’s a little more moody and emo.  Still, there’s turquoise lettering mixed in with the gray, so it’s not that emo.  The reviews section continues to be a cluster f.  I actually have enough reviews to fill out a page, but it is a mess and all the reviews run together. I need to keep working on that. 

What else?  Oh, I added links to Susan Bischoff , Kait Nolan and a new indie website I’ve been included on: Indie Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  Susan’s YA novel Hush Money is now available on Smashwords.  Buy that puppy up!  Quality work for .99 cents?  Heck, yeah!

Glimpse finally made it back onto Amazon, although I don’t believe it is the last, last version I uploaded.  For now, I care not.  I do wish someone would purchase a copy so I can start obsessively checking my stats again-it’s kinda boring to obsessively check my lack of stats.  Anyways, I say “phew” to the whole shebang because I was worried it wouldn’t be a go in time for the feature the Beaverton Valley Times did on me that is coming out tomorrow.  Nothing like promoting yourself and then having half your links be bad.

Sarah is going to start editing the end of Glimmer tonight or tomorrow hopefully!  We’re going camping this weekend, but I will get it ready for you beta readers ASAP and get it out to you early next week.  I’m ready for revision mania!! (It helps to get pumped about mundane things, don’t you think?)

That’s all I’ve got to report for today.  Have a swell humpty-hump day!


One thought on “Thangs

  1. Happy Anniversary! I tweeted it, but you can’t congratulate this stuff enough.

    Thanks for the shout-out. My obsessive stats checking so far has revealed 1 sample download. We’ll just tell ourselves that it’s not real-time.

    I’m off to covet the 7th grade demographic…

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