Holes: Plot and Donut.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you all had a swell weekend.  I had a great time camping with the boy and my peeps.  It was the boy’s first camping experience and he’s ready to go again today!

I finished round one of edits on Glimmer last night-meaning that I’ve read it, Sarah’s read it, and all of the most obvious typos are gone.  I’m starting round two today after I take the kids to IKEA to get some drawer fronts that are suspiciously missing from my kitchen order.  Round two is where I clear up all the things Sarah found confusing when she was reading it.  I’ve got a list of about 8 things like that and a couple of my own that occurred to me as soon as I sent the first draft off to her to read it. 😉  After I fix those things, I’m sure she will have more questions.  She did posit most of the original questions to me while sitting around a campfire drinking Busch Light at 11 pm on Saturday night.  Can’t expect a girl to remember everything!

Another great thing that came out of our campfire musings was that I’ve really started thinking about Glow, the final Zellie book.  Sarah asked me if I knew how it was all going to end, and I do, but that’s never the hard part for me, it’s the getting there that drives me nuts.  So, I did a little Glow plotting yesterday and now I’m totally psyched to start writing it in October. (I have got to get my medical transcriptionist act together in September and pass my test!)  I can’t remember if this is what happened with Glimmer while I was working on Glimpse, but the feeling is vaguely familiar.  The feeling of, “OMG how the eff am I ever going to write another book…oh, wait.  Here come the ideas!!”  Needless to say, Zellie and Co. are growing up and taking charge.  L.A.- prepared to be rewound.

All right, time to get the kids cleaned up and off to the land of Swedish furniture and reasonably priced toys. Oh, what will we come home with, I wonder?  This whole scenario is made all the better by the fact that I let them eat donut holes leftover from camping for breakfast.  Masochist!

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