Round 2 edits on Glimmer are done!  I clarified a few things and added another 1,000 words or so.  Some of the things I fixed were as simple as: Where did _____ go for this entire scene? How can someone be both on fire and soaking wet?  Wait. Huh? and of course there was some replumping of the sex scene.  Some things, especially in sex scenes, can only be described as they are and not alluded to.  Also, as I was going through I tried to eliminate repetitive words and phrases, but sometimes the editing of these can get outta hand and I need to make a rule for myself.  Like, maybe I only use “raised eyebrow” three times with two chapters in between each instance or something.  It’s hard to tell if the repetition of certain words or phrases is annoying in general or because I’m looking for them.  I mean, on some level, those words are a part of my writing style, y’know?  Having Zellie only say, “Holy Christ on a cracker,” once just isn’t right.  However, there is rampant “eyes wide” and eyebrow raising going on.  And the usual totally, just, and gently.

Now that I’m to the point that I won’t be doing extensive revision of Glimmer, I thought I’d set some goals. (Kait Nolan did this on her blog this morning and I’m totally copying…er, gently.)

1. What’s left for Glimmer?  I’ve given myself until November 1 to get both e and paperback versions ready for sale.  That means the beta readers can take about three weeks to read it and return their comments to me.  Then there are revisions from those comments.  Then formatting for both versions and wrangling my sister into designing another awesome cover. I’m still considering what price I’m going to list the e-book of Glimmer at.  Glimpse is $1.99 and it has been doing fairly well, but I’m wondering if it would do better at .99?  What do you guys think of Glimpse for $.99 and Glimmer for $1.99?  Just something I’ve been noodling around in my head.  The paperback of Glimmer is going to be $7.99 like Glimpse is, or as close as I can get it to that price and still make a few cents.  I think with some careful formatting I should be able to make them the exact same number of pages and therefore, the same price.

2. Start writing Glow in October.  I got some basic plotting done yesterday, of which I’ll throw out about half, but it gets the creative juices flowing.  I’m giving myself until April to write it, in the hopes of having it ready for publication in June.  I’m also considering doing a special edition in paperback and e of the entire trilogy together in one book.  That’s something I  feel like I could charge a higher price for and go with the expanded distribution to libraries and bookstores with. Three books for $14.99 in paperback and $6.99 in e.

3. Finish writing and publish the novella about human sacrifices that I’ve been working on and off on for the past 4 months.  I’m only doing this for e and also to try my hand at writing something in a shorter form.  It’s also not YA, which is fun.  But, I haven’t worked on it for about a month.  Perhaps while I’m focusing on passing my transcription test in September I can also work on this.  It would be nice to have something short at $.99 out for the holidays.

4. Format and publish some of my husband’s poetry books.  This one is easy for me-all he has to do is send me the files!  (I think it’s always good to put a gimme on your to-do list.)

This list of goals seems pretty doable, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “GOAL!!!!!

  1. I’m so dying to read Glimmer. I had a week off last week. Vacationing was just so exhausting and there was just no way I could find any quiet to put three words together. However, as I was stuck sleeping alone, my Joss and Dylan brain-dolls started taking their relationship to levels that were not on my schedule. I’m dying to see how you handle these randy teens.

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