PDF this!

Good morning!  I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  First off, Sarah has finished her second round of edits on Glimmer and now I’ve got to get it ready for the beta readers.  I’m very excited to get some new eyes on it.  Also, I need to write the dreaded blurb and post it on this here blog and my website.  Maybe the first chapter too?  It might be a tad bit early for that, but the first chapter has been edited the most, so it is good to go.

Wish me luck on writing the Glimmer blurb.   The Glimpse blurb is taken from my query letter that was Query Sharked into oblivion, so it is pretty darn good.  However, like everything else with Glimmer, this time I’m starting from scratch.  I did do a little planning in my brain this morning as I luxuriated in bed until 7:30.  😉

After that business is taken care of I have to fill out a gazillion forms for the boy’s preschool.  We are both excited for school to start.  He is going to have so much fun!  Also, I’m hoping it will wear him out and help him sleep better.  What?  A mommy can dream, can’t she?

The kitchen is coming along great.  Today they are grouting the floor.  Can’t wait for that to be over with-I caught both of the kids with a mouth full of tile spacers this weekend.  I swear they both have Pica.  Why would anyone put such things in their mouths?  Speaking of things that are illogical, mom and I went to IKEA yesterday.  It’s almost 100 degrees here and IKEA is air-conditioned and it was a Sunday.  Super smartest move evah!  I ordered three wall panels for the, uh, walls even though I only need two because we picked cabinets that are being discontinued.  Gonna sell that shit on e-bay someday.  I also got some new drapes because I washed the drapes in the living room after the kids tore them down and I shrunk them by about a foot.  Our house is looking right klassy at this moment.

Okay, off to PDF-ize Glimmer.  Check ya later, taters.

4 thoughts on “PDF this!

    1. Ha! Hey, wanted to let you know that you opened my eyes to the annoyingness of straight quotes vs. smart quotes. Never occurred to me. Then, last night while I was editing I noticed I had both straight and curly quotation marks. WTF is all I have to say to that. I went with straight quotes, but now it looks weird. I’m a slave to Word, apparently.

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