I traded in my mojo for elastic waist pants

Right now I’m waiting for the comments from the beta readers to start coming in and it is forcing me to do things that I don’t like to do, like clean my house.  I’m not good with a lull.  I clean, I eat too much, I go to Target everyday and buy cleaning supplies and food.  I could write, work on the beginning of Glow or my novella, but I’m supposed to be taking a break. A break that I really wanted two weeks ago.  I have a DVR full of shows I’m not in the mood to watch and I finished yet another romance novel yesterday. I’m sure my boredom will go away tomorrow, for tomorrow is GaGa!

I posed this question yesterday on Facebook: What does one wear to a Lady Gaga concert when you usually dress like a mom?  A few people suggested earplugs and leotards.  Others, sequined tank tops and jeans.  Who knows what kind of ensemble I’ll put together?  Prior to having kids this would not have been a problem for me.  I used to dress better.  Used to be more eclectic and funky.  Now I buy the same pair of comfy elastic waist Land’s End Pants in every color they come in.  I also used to dye my hair, wear my contacts, and put on make-up everyday.  For one day it looks like I’m going to have to harken back to the days when I used to give a fuck.  Or, if that fails I suppose I can just sport a boa.

2 thoughts on “I traded in my mojo for elastic waist pants

  1. I was recently forced to go on the clothes shopping expedition I had put off for the past I don’t know how many years. It took me half the day just to figure out what size I am (which was actually better news than expected), and was exhausting as everything is yucky.

    My biggest challenge currently is trying to force myself to not wear PJs to take my daughter down to the schoolbus. And, more importantly, to not get her off the schoolbus still wearing them.

    Hush Money is finally out and my brain is finally free to work on Heroes ‘Til Curfew. So I am. And spending too much time on the internet. I’m totally behind on life in general since getting back from vacay and the school’s starting to get mad at me for not sending all their paperwork back.

    Honestly, is it not the 21st century? Why am I filling out the same data I did last year, or writing on paper at all? Too bad I can’t get my robot to do it.

    Waiting for beta reads to come back is my least productive time. I can’t seem to get much of anything else done. I really want to read Glimmer. (stupid paperwork)

    1. The only reason I’ve changed out of my pj’s is because there are guys working on the kitchen, and honestly, one of them I’ve known long enough that I could probably just keep the pj’s on and he wouldn’t care! 😉

      I thought the same thing about the paperwork for Gus’ school-freaking preschool for crying out loud! I had to fill out all of these forms and they all were basically the same thing. Good to know it only gets more annoying the older they get.
      Get to Glimmer when you can. I’m glad you’re getting so much writing done! And farting around on the internet is fun. 🙂

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