I heart Corian and reading.

Happy Monday you all!  Man, I don’t know about you, but I had one of those weekends where you’re trying to cram all the Summer you can into a couple of days and it just wrecked me.  Glad to be back to my almost normal life.

Today in kitchen remodeling news…we have countertops!  They are Corian and they are awesome.  I’ve dreamed of having Corian countertops since I was a wee girl.  Not kidding.  Some girls like flowers, I like solid surfaces that you can put a hot pot on.  Also, all the edges and corners are rounded so the kids won’t brain themselves quite as badly as they did with the Formica of death countertops we used to have.

Somehow over my crazyass weekend I managed to read two YA novels.  It’s called addiction, people.  I read the first two titles in the Jason and Azazel trilogy by V.J. Chambers, Breathless and Trembling.  I’ve got the third book, Tortured, all queued up and ready to read this evening.

Azazel has a funny name, but the rest of her life is pretty normal.  She’s been dating her football player boyfriend, Toby, since Freshman year, she has a fun BFF named Lilith, and she gets good grades in school.  Her only real problem is that she wants to lose her virginity to Toby like, yesterday, but he keeps telling her he wants to wait.  During one of their frustratingly chaste make out sessions, Azazel spots a boy running through the woods toward their truck, looking like he is being chased.  She immediately goes to help him and get him in the truck.  Toby helps too, if not reluctantly.

The boy’s name is Jason and as is the way with YA, he’s a hottie.  A mysterious hottie. 🙂  Because Azazel has adopted brothers and a few foster brothers living at her house, she takes Jason home with her.  Her parents are totally cool with this and try to become Jason’s guardians.  The only problem is, Jason doesn’t exist.

After this point there is a lot of good build up.  You know Jason is “something” but not exactly what and Ms. Chambers teases us with lots of meaningful looks between Azazel and Jason to the point where I was like, “Can somebody kill Toby please, he’s getting in the way of true love.”  At the Homecoming dance, Jason admits to Azazel that he has feelings for her and they kiss…and then things get super freaky in a way I was not expecting at all.  The stakes are suddenly ratcheted up ten levels and much craziness ensues.  I can’t tell you what because I am so not a twist ruiner.

The next book, Trembling, picks up a few months later and is an equally fun ride.  If you enjoy stories about secret societies, you will really find these books interesting.  They’re like the Da Vinci Code, but with 17-year-old hotties and lots more making out.  They’re also pretty violent, which I like, but if you’re looking for something strictly romantic, just be warned.

You can find out more about V.J. Chambers at her website, as well as where to purchase all of her books.  She’s also published the books to her site and you can read them for free chapter by chapter.  How cool is that?


3 thoughts on “I heart Corian and reading.

  1. That’s pretty freakin’ cool. I was reading this out loud to the child so she’d let me keep reading. Blah blah blah [ohnoesicantsaythatcomingup] [cough, continue reading] blah blah, [cough]…

    You tell a fab story, even when it’s not your story. I have GOT to check these out.

  2. I got Christel hooked on the V.J. Chambers crack too. 🙂 Just started Tortured and will most likely be done with it by tomorrow! Then I move on to Wisdom, the 4th book in the My Blood Approves series and then Mockingjay!!! And then I might get around to reading another chapter of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Ha!

  3. Stacey, I’m so happy that you finally have the countertops you’ve always dreamed of. Feel free to show off your kitchen remodel pictures on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/corianhome. You’ll also find tips and videos on how to keep your countertop looking like new for years to come.

    Congrats! Christine from DuPont

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