If you win a kindle, you’ll probably want to marry it. (C’mon, it is not just me.)

Good morning!  It is raining for the first time in 8 weeks and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I like my Oregon overcast and green.

I’ve a few things to report this morning.  After five coats of paint the two walls that I repainted in the kitchen are still in need, so it’s back to Home Depot I go.  Home Depot is becoming my new IKEA, thankfully it’s a mile away from my house.  The plumbing is getting hooked up today, so no more dishwashing in the bathroom!  Yippee!  I’ve had just about enough of looking at a tub of dirty breakfast dishes while I’m peeing, thank you very much.

If any of you are interested in winning a new Kindle and reading some awesomeness, Zoe Winters is going on what she is calling a Blood Lust Blitz this week.  She’s going to be all over blogland promoting her newest release, Blood Lust, which is now in print and e on Amazon.  You can find out more about her contest rules here.

It is now noon and I started this post two hours ago before I broke the internet.  In the meantime I managed to bust out 1.5K on my WIP, Sacrifice.  It’s getting good y’all!  I plotted on it over the weekend and was going to wait officially until September to start working on it, but enough of this writing hiatus crap.  You know what?  Not fun and not relaxing.  Remind me never to try to take a break from writing again.  However, before I get all wrapped up in my exciting new world again, I gotta go get some more paint and pick up the kids from my parents.  Peace out.

3 thoughts on “If you win a kindle, you’ll probably want to marry it. (C’mon, it is not just me.)

  1. Thanks for the blog mention! I’ve added your entry to my giveaway. And yeah, I love my Kindle so much I seriously wanted to marry it! Why “can’t” a person and a piece of electronic equipment in love celebrate that love in a legally binding way? 😛

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