Blinded by my site

Most of the time I feel like I’m still fifteen, I think that’s why I like writing YA.  However, let me tell ya, the mind and heart might be young, but your body will betray you.  I’m feeling super old this evening.  For one thing, it’s 10 o’clock on a Saturday night and I’m writing blog posts and redesigning my website.  So, that makes me wicked cool to begin with.  Wanna know why I was redesigning my website for the 5th time?  It hurt my eyes.  My last design attempt was meant to make it look younger, darker,and to hopefully appeal to teens.  I found though, every time I went to make changes on it, my vision would blur.  Therefore, I have banished the emo black background with light gray type and gone back to white with black type.  I can see again!  I also made all the fonts bigger while I was at it.  Please check it out and let me know what you think. I would be especially interested to know if you find it geriatric. 🙂

I’m having a fabulous weekend, enjoying my out-of-town guests and good dinners and fine weather.  What I’m not enjoying is this discussion on self-publishing over at Smart Bitches.  People are mean, when frankly, they don’t have to be.  Props to Robin and Moriah Jovan (Missouri in the house!) and others for defending indie honor.  I would comment, but I get too flustered over stuff like this and just want to call people asshats and tell them to eff off. I can’t stop reading other people’s comments though, you know how I love me a good showdown.

Not much else to share with you all this evening, I hope you’re having a fab weekend too doing whatever you’re doing.


3 thoughts on “Blinded by my site

  1. I like the new site. My old eyes won’t hang out someplace they’re not wanted, and us old people are part of that YA reading crowd too, so it seems like a good choice.

    You can save the impossible to read pages for your Myspace.

    Dang, I wish I hadn’t followed that link. Don’t need to read the hate. Lookit: there are a lot of readers out there, and opinions are changing all the time. Unfortunately, a lot of those readers who did try an indie book got a bad one. But it gets more likely all the time that a new reader is going to try a good one. Like yours. I think that, if there’s enough word of mouth recommendation of book, trad or indie is really not going to matter a whole lot, especially if the price is right. So don’t worry about that.

  2. Ugh I know how you feel. I redesign my website once a year, at least. I get the online wanderlust and see a design that’s better than mine, and think, “Welp, time to update.”

    That SBTB post was disappointing, for sure. I read those comments and tried so hard not to feel hurt, or have a panic attack that so many readers dislike me for being the self-publisher that I am.

    And then it occurred to me late one night, that it’s not my job to convince the readers who already dislike me to like me. It’s my job to speak to the readers who are willing to give me a chance.

    There is no use trying for the Jerk Football Player when you’ve got the perfect Boy Next Door smiling at you. Am I right?

  3. I’m with you Belinda on not trying to sway people who already dislike me, they still make me want to tear my hair out though! 🙂 The only bummer is that SB Sarah (who has never been anything besides professional and hi-larious) has a review copy of my book that she said she’d read based on my pitch. Now I’m wondering if she was just being nice to me or if she didn’t know it was self-published, or if she started reading it and hated it or what? But now that I know she is wary of indie books and I kept wanting to say, “Put my pitch up there! Read my book! I don’t suck!” Except that would make me a lazy narcissist. LOL

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