Pricing news

I wanted to spread the word that the price of the Glimpse e-book will change from $1.99 to $2.99 the first week of October.  If you’ve been planning on purchasing it, you’ve got a little over two weeks to get it at the lower price.  With the new price will come an updated version that is formatted better and edited for typos again. (There aren’t many in it, but I’ve been told there is one there that is supposed to be their.  I’m gonna hunt for it!  Also, no big surprise, some comma and apostrophe mess ups.  Who me?) I decided to raise the price of Glimpse by a dollar so that it would cost the same as Glimmer.  I asked a lot of other indies their opinions on pricing and the general consensus was that $3 is not a lot to spend on a book.  Another reason is that I want to set up a pricing guideline that makes sense.  I don’t foresee writing anything longer than 60K or charging more than $2.99 for it.  This leaves me with two lower word count levels and price points.  So, 20K and under will be .99 and between 21K and 50K will be $1.99.  I think that’s an easy system to stick to and will therefore save me the trouble of worrying about what I’m going to price each work at.  The one exception to this rule will be when I offer Glimpse, Glimmer, and Glow all together in one bundle for $6.99.  That most likely won’t occur until a year from now.  Besides, I’ve got to actually write Glow first!

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