First loves (besides River Phoenix)

This week is kicking my ass.  Too many things going on and every night I’m wiped by 9pm.  I’ve been having a great time with our out-of-town guests, we’re going to the coast tomorrow, but I wish their visit had not also coincided with the boys first week of school and the hubs 40th birthday.  I’m at stress level five and not very good at dealing.  Still, I’m glad they’re here!  They aren’t putting any stress on me, I’m just experiencing a classic me stressing me out spazathon. 🙂

Two things have been helping me deal as best I can:  Reading and writing.  Gotta get back to the first loves in times of spazation. I busted out 1K on Day of Sacrifice yesterday while doing 8 loads of laundry.  I’m in a zone with it and will finish it when I get a full day to work on it.  (There’s got to be one of those around here somewhere, right?)  I love my main character, Flora, she’s like a grown-up ass kicking Claire.  And the hero is just plain hot.  His name is Julian and he is blonde for a change.  Also, old-fashioned.  All those historical/westerns I’ve been reading are worming their way into my brain and my work.  The world is a new one, and I’ve really been enjoying making up all the rules.  As for reading, I started The Lion’s Lady by Julie Garwood a couple of days ago.  Great escape.  One of those romances where the characters hate each other so much they just have to get together. 🙂  Love those.  It’s not new or anything, from the early 2000’s I believe, but it was .99 on Amazon, so yes please!

I’m slowly getting stuff back from the betas and getting really excited to start revising Glimmer.  The response has been positive so far.  Also, because I’m changing the price of Glimpse to $2.99, I’ve got two weeks to whip it into shape and redo the formatting.  This is another thing I’m excited about doing!  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have other jobs because this whole self-publishing thing is just so much fun.  Can’t always do the fun stuff, I suppose.

Speaking of, time to make the kiddies lunch.


2 thoughts on “First loves (besides River Phoenix)

  1. You had me at River Phoenix.

    I have two questions for you:

    1 – When is Glimmer coming out?

    2 – Did you wanna do anything on my blog for Zombieaplooza? I know your books aren’t exactly monsters and zombies, but you’re fun and like saying things, so I thought you might want to say things on my blog. Or not. Just throwing it out there. (But you can plug Glimpse and Glimmer while you’re there… *nudge nudge wink wink*).

  2. Glimmer will be out Nov.1 on Amazon and in print-probably mid-October for Smashwords. It’s just easier to put stuff up on Smashwords, y’know? (Plus no one knows its there for like, two weeks anyways. Ha!)

    I’m on board for Zombiepalooza. Sign me up. I like zombies and talking.

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