A kick in the pants

I’ve decided that I’m more of a plotter than I originally thought, although I don’t tend to write anything down.  I was up early with my son (he ate too much junk yesterday on our trip to the beach and had a bellyache) and instead of being annoyed that I couldn’t go back to sleep, I worked my way through Day of Sacrifice in my head some more.  I do this a lot before I go to sleep too and then if I remember anything in the morning sometimes then I write it down.  I’ve got a great incentive to get Day of Sacrifice finished and edited soon, as I’m giving away two copies of it on Amanda Hocking’s blog October 27th.  She’s doing something called Zombiepalooza for the month of October to celebrate the release of her new zombie novel, Hollowland.  When she asked me to guest blog I was stoked and also decided that Zellie and Co. were probably not scary enough to participate in something called Zombiepalooza.  Flora the human sacrifice is so much more appropriate.  🙂

Hey! Awesome news this morning for Susan Bischoff– Hush Money is #1 in Love and Romance at Amazon UK!  Go Susan!  Dude.  If you haven’t read Hush Money yet, what the hell are you waiting for?  British people like Susan better than Jane Austen at the moment, isn’t that enough of a ringing endorsement?

Alrighty, it is the hubs 40th birthday today and I have to get some super secret preparations done.  Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend.

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