A whole mess of weird

It’s Monday right?  I feel like I ask that every week.  Just dropped the boy off for his third day of preschool.  Left him cryin’ for his paci and blanket and for me to cuddlebug him.  Still, it was better today.  Other kids were crying too and also demanding their comfort items, so I didn’t feel like the lamest parent ever because I still let my kid have a pacifier at almost 4.  Sarah’s son started preschool today, so her daughter and my daughter are having a playdate.  So far all they’ve done is fight over the pillowpet my MIL got the hubs for his 40th birthday last Friday.  No, really.  She got him a pillowpet.  We still don’t know if it was a gag gift or not.  That’s how weird my MIL is.

Last night I trekked across a bridge (that’s what we do here in the Portland area) to visit my friend Christel.  We hadn’t seen each other since the mid-’90’s.  She is absolutely the same and I pretty much am too.  It’s always nice when you can pick up where you left off.  I was able to do that at different times over the years with all the girls I was really close to when I was 18.  I think that says something about the type of people who live in the Creative Arts dorm at college.  The weird band together for life. 🙂

Christel has done a lot of beta reading and she has read through Glimmer several times and went all commaNazi on it.  She even put it in a plastic report sleeve for me.  Don’t you guys think she should go into the editing business for herself?  She is currently enjoying unemployment, but as a side job?  Indies can use all the knowledgable editrixes we can get!

I’m excited to get the editing done on Glimmer next week and start formatting.  I recently joined the Indie Book Collective and if you’re a writer it would behoove you to join too. Kait Nolan was nice enough to reformat Glimpse for me and send me instructions on how to better format it myself, but there is an even more detailed tutorial on e-book formatting on the IBC website that she wrote.  If you’ve been waiting for someone to just fricking tell you how to format and format correctly-Kait’s tutorial is the way to go.  I highly suggest you check this site out, not just for Kait’s contributions, but for all of the awesome writerly ladies who started up the collective.  A ton of great information on everything from social media, to why you should start your publishing career with e-books, to how to get your books in stores.  Lotsa lotsa good stuff.

My writing goal for the week is to finish Day of Sacrifice so that I can get started on editing it after I work on Glimmer.  I also need to go on a there/their hunt in Glimpse and fix that before I reformat and change the price on kindle.  *If you know someone who has been planning on purchasing Glimpse, please let them know it will be going up $1 October 1st.*  I mean, it’s still only going to be $2.99, but I don’t want anyone saying I didn’t warn them!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and if it has sucked so far, just remember it will be Friday again before we know it!


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