Are two better than one?

I’ve got some super deep and philosophical questions to pose as per usual, but first, Amanda Hocking reminded me that it’s Jim Henson’s birthday so I thought I’d post this sweet print my sister did of him:

You can see more of her work at  She hasn’t updated her site in a while because she’s preggers and an artist and a teacher, so she basically works and sleeps.  Go through the archives, there is much to enjoy!

All right, Deep Thoughts with Stacey can now commence.  Remember that WIP Day of Sacrifice that I thought I’d be able to bust out in a week?  Well, it is acting up and not listening to anything I say.  Somehow my urban fantasy short story has turned into a paranormal western romance.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure I created that genre.  I can’t keep the characters from trying to get together.  I mean, all this really scary and serious stuff is going on around them and all they wanna do is stare at each other.  I think it needs a romance intervention.  There was supposed to be sex in it, but the characters are so hell-bent on falling in love, that it is taking forever. LOL  I’m so not in charge of this.

So, I was thinking (Danger! Danger!) that perhaps I need more than one point of view.  In Glimpse and Glimmer it was easier for me to move the story along by switching point of view.  And if I can’t move the story along, Day of Sacrifice is going to turn into a romance novella instead of the short story I was going for.  Does it make more sense for people to fall in bed more quickly if we know what both of them are thinking?  Am I copping out?  Its been hard for me to write only one point of view, seeing as I am the creator of both characters voices-why not relate both of their thoughts as well?  But the challenge of writing a single point of view adult PNR short story has caused me to turn it into something else.  And although I let it get away from me, I really like what’s happening in the story. (This is why I don’t think I can be a real plotter.  I like surprises.)

What are your thoughts on POV?  How many do you like to read?  To write?  Do you think it aids in moving the story along or is a cop out?

These are just my thoughts for this Friday as I contemplate whether or not to add in Julian’s point of view to Day of Sacrifice over the weekend.  My brain is occupied with this and a list of things I need to get at Target, I figured you all could help me out with this. 😉


6 thoughts on “Are two better than one?

  1. I’m a big believer in dual POV. As both reader and writer, I like to know what both the h/h are thinking. PNR Western? Sounds good to me, if difficult for you. Good luck wrangling this one.

    1. I think it’s easier to write sex in third person. I guess I don’t mind telling you about their sex life, but I don’t want to tell everyone about mine. Even if it’s not mine… what was I saying again?

  2. Why should multiple POVs be a copout? I think it’s a lot more interesting to know what multiple characters are thinking. And I especially prefer to have both hero and heroine in romance because, well you just should!

  3. I was really only asking if it was a copout for myself because I have yet to write anything with only one POV. I like reading and writing multiple POV, but sorta wanted to challenge myself to writing from only one and was having a hard time doing it. But, you’re right, it is pretty much a must in romance or else it turns into Bella whining about Edward for 600 pages. There’s a reason everyone wants to read Midnight Sun. 🙂

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